Xiaomi has a new stylish mini camera on the market. The Xiaofang offers easy to setup Smarthome security for the home. It monitors motion and sound, sending out an alarm once anything has triggered it.

Friendly Setup

Senisc5 smart box security camera

Xiaomi has made their Smarthome products easy setup. Just mount it and plug it in. On the software side, their MI home app guides you through the WiFi setup.

The easy angle adjustment

For the perfect angle, you can simply adjust the mounts to outside your desired angle. Adjusting can also be made by simply twisting the base of the camera or raising the middle arm.

The magnetic mount

Having a magnet on the base means you can attach it long term to places other cameras would need a mount for, on a metal rafter or even a large enough screw it will have enough strength to hold its place. Xiaofang is also so light, it can also be mounted anywhere with double sided tape including on the ceiling.

The Xiaofang App

Everything is done on your phone, from the initial setup to setting motion detection alerts, the simple UI is a breeze to get through.

Xiaomi Mi Home Integration

The true power of the smart home comes with integration. You can join this with other Xiaomi Mi Home devices for an interconnected system where you can program triggers from other devices and make your hole control it’s self.

The Camera

Xiaofang night vision camera face
The front of the camera has the light sensor, microphone and camera lens.

Packing night vision and 1080 it is capable of securing your home in all conditions of light.

XiaoFang is equipped with a large F2.0 lens along with 2 night vision LED’s giving it the ability to see up to 9 meters in complete darkness.

More Than A Camera

Xiaomi even integrated carbon monoxide and smoke detection so it also functions as a smoke alarm.

The internal speaker also allows you to use it as a video calling device, you can call the camera from your phone and not only view the video but also send and receive audio.

USB poweredXiaomi xiaofang charging cable

One of the other simple things is you can plug it into ay USB power source, it runs off 5v and is completely safe. USB also means any simple power bank can be used to power the cam. Combine that with the ability of the camera to directly connect to your smartphone and you have a mobile security solution. Ideal for securing areas even when you are on the road.

Looking to secure outside?

Looking for something more rugged and durable? The BlitzWolf SIC1 costs only a fraction more but offers a fully sealed membrane and is ideal for all environments.

Xiaomi also makes a more hardcore version with full camera controls and rotation, although it comes at almost 3 times the price, the Xiaomi Mi Jia.

Xiaofang magnetically mounted to an outdoor iron pole
The magnetic and fully 360 rotatable head allows you to point the camera any direction.


For the inside tho, it is difficult to beat this latest camera from Xiaomi as on both price and aesthetics it is a great small box for $20. See more about the Xiaofang Smart Camera.

Xiaomi’s birthday weekend price is only $26.99, and ends on Monday.

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Ali Najafi
Ali Najafi

Does it work outside of china??
If it does, does it have a custom firmware to hack this function??

Tóth Csaba
Tóth Csaba

Not work on android for me in Hungary…..
Tested on Iphone, suprise its work, but on android not…..


Can you try on another android device?


Állítsd kínaira a nyelvet, helyet és működik.

Diana Elizabeth Andrade Erazo
Diana Elizabeth Andrade Erazo

nice product, but here in Peru i can’t use because is too dangerous, it can be stealed