Xiaomi is at it again, they are releasing the Ninebot Plus, an improved version of its “little brother” the Ninebot Mini.

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Xiaomi Launched Ninebot Plus on June 28th 2017.

1) Appearance ninebot

  • Ninebot Plus is an improved version of the Mini. First of all, the new model comes with a stronger frame and a non-slip surface made entirely of magnesium alloy.
  • The inflatable 11-inch wheels are large enough for any urban travel, providing a safe and comfortable trip.
  • The Ninebot Plus weights only 16 kg, which given its size and performance, is an impressively light design.
  • A unique feature is the scooter comes with a Loading option, which allows you to tow your luggage on it, and use it like a trolley.

2) Endurance 

Featuring 42 Li-ion batteries, the Ninebotwhich deliver an energy of 1500 W, Ninebot Plus can be used for up to 35 km, without the need of being charged.

The Charging port of ninebot Plus
The batteries come with a waterproof shell, making the scooter usable in any weather condition.

The batteries can be fully charged in less than 5.5 hours, so if you are taking it to uni or the office, you can charge it during the day and have a full charge again for your trip home.

3) Speed 

Ninebot Plus Banggood
Riding experience of Ninebot Plus: Stable and smooth.

Its two 400W motors, manage to provide a top speed of 18 km/h, zippy enough for urban travel.

4) Follow me mode!

If you’re feeling like using your legs for a while, the NineBot can follow you around. It comes with a remote control, which allows you to lock/unlock the scooter, turn its lights on/off and make it come to you. The “Follow me” mode can be activated from the remote as well.

This feature is great for when you have luggage, and you need some extra help.

Ninebot Plus also comes with an advanced security warning system. You can connect it to your phone, and you will be notified whenever the scooter is moved.

Xiaomi Segway Mini Ninebot
Call back function of Ninebot Plus is useful when you park your scooter somewhere.

Ninebot Plus manages to be an improved version of Mini, offering everything that you could ever wish from a Segway style scooter.

For more details and the latest availability, see the official Ninebot Page.