Vacuuming the house just got easier with Xiaomis smart vacuum cleaner robot, originally released last year, the latest update comes with a fully English App and voice.  With only a press of a button, you can send this on a mission to remove all the dirt in your house. It was already one of the smartest vacs out there and now loaded with a full English UI it is tough to beat.

We take a look at why this is one of the most affordable yet also smartest vac.

xiaomi vac top
The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner from the top. A small power button and return to home button is on the front and 3d sensor turret is on the back.

Many of these vacuum cleaners are cropping up from various brands and Xiaomi has developed what looks to be one of the smarter ones.

Why is the Xiaomi vac so smart?

xiaomi vac front with laser positioning system
The red rear turret houses the spinning 3D sensor, this is used to map the house and plan the cleaning path. The two metal bars at the back are for recharging and connect to the charging station.

With an inbuilt sensor and laser positioning, it maps out the house and then plans its route based on the most efficient path. It knows where it has and has not cleaned.

robot 880 and xiaomi

Some vacs follow algorithms that randomize and control the path the vac follows, this randomization does give a good coverage but depending on the room can cause uncleaned spots.

Secondary key sensors

robotic cleaner pezo radar sensors

Radar sensors on the front detect objects directly in front and help the Xiaomi avoid both moving and stationary objects, the sensors on the base detect the terrain and are used to avoid falling down stairs or going over other edges.

Loaded with extra sensors

all the 12 sensor in the xaiomi vaccume cleaner
The full breakdown of all the sensors the automated vacuum cleaner uses.

Smart Invisible Wallsvirtual invisible wall tape detected by the smarthome vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi developed a magnetic tape that if you place across an entrance or any area the vacuum will not cross the barrier, in essence, it acts just like a wall is there. This si good to keep it from venturing into areas that are not safe or possibly even going outdoors where it would likely get lost.

The App

view cleaning in real time mappedAll that sensor data generates a great stream of information that you can access on your smartphone from anywhere.

Cleaning Ability

Aside from the smart controls and navigation, at actually cleaning it looks to also be one of the best.

The Suction
nidec brushless motor

Xiaomi also developed something that sucks more than others, the 1800 Pa of suction is unbeaten. Similar vacs are normally around 1500Pa, tho Xiaomi will, in theory, pick up more dirt and suck deeper into your carpets.

smarthome vacuum cleaner brushes
Dust and dirt are also brushed into the vacuum. The brushes help to pick up hair and other fine dust and works both on carpet and smooth surfaces.

The Dust Compartment and HEPA filter

You will receive an alert your phone when it is time to empty the dirt compartment. During cleaning, all bacteria and dust will be trapped in the HEPA filter, this ensures the dust is not leaked back into the air.

Coverage and Battery

With 2.5 hours of battery life per cleaning session it can clean up to a 250-meter square house, that is more than enough for the average single story house. The Xiaomi also does not forget the mapping of the environment, so it will remember the areas it did not clean last time, so in a larger area, it will recharge and then return to keep cleaning.

It is not your butler..yet…

Just like a regular vac it will get clogged with a tissue or other larger piece of rubbish. Until theses robots grow arms, you will still need to clear the floor of big pieces of rubbish. A smart home vacuum cleaner is not an excuse to get dirty, instead; it just means you don’t need to vacuum yourself to maintain a general level of clean.

robot vac in the wooden floor xiaomi

The vac is a nice addition to Xiaomis wave of Smarthome products. We now live in an era where robots can actually make your life simpler and provided you keep your home tidy the Xiaomi vac will do the rest.

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Janis Heller
Janis Heller

Is the magnetic tape for invisible walls included? When can I buy this @bangood?