The office might be a cold and nonpersonal place if there only are four concrete walls around you. We’ve collected some useful and interesting items to make your office feel more like your own personal place.

Create an interesting table

Handspinners have been the rage this year, but there are also some more novel ways to decorate your desk.

The noticeable feature is that when you need to water your plant. You can just pull out their “tongues”.

Keep your cables tidy

It’s very easy to simplify your spaghetti junction, cable clips are simple but they make a huge difference in organizing your cables and ensure your charging cable is right where you left it, not behind the desk or on the floor.

Cable Clip Organizer

Power nap the right way

If you’re a fan of a quick power nap, these will get you sleeping faster than counting sheep, they’re an office classic and an essential for your 15 min naps.

Our choice takes the standard U pillow and adds a buckle for enhanced comfort.


Stay cool and fresh

Are you comfortable in your office? A desk fan can keep you cool in summer and enjoy a fresh breeze of air.

Smart illumination

Desk lamps have come a long way in recent years, you might not think too much about the light in your office, but Illuminate your desk with smart lighting that can change its tone to match the environment and task at hand.

With the smart modes installed, Xiaomi LED Lamp can adapt to multiple scenes, like reading, working and relaxing.

If you are looking for more simple ways to upgrade your office space, check our full collection below.

View our 5 steps to upgrade your office.

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