A gimbal can be described as a pivoted point that allows you to rotate an object along a single axis. You can capture incredible images from various angles by shooting with a gimbal. It is mostly used while making videos but can also help in capturing amazing still photos. You can rotate your camera smoothly in different directions by combining three separate gimbals. It will provide you three axes to rotate on your handheld video camera.

Reasons to use a gimbal in a camera

Greatly offers free motion to your camera

Before the introduction of gimbals camera operators can move around their camera quite freely but now they can actually take their cameras through anything and anywhere with the help of gimbals, due to their compact design and light weight, to get a shot smoothly.

Option for a wide variety of motions

You may take lots of time to set up a shot more particularly when various movement tools are required for this purpose. But a Gimbal allows photographers and videographers to shoot similar shots in much less time as it allows them to move your camera easily in different ways without wasting their time and efforts.

Save energy

The light weight of a gimbal saves lots of your energy to move your camera during shooting a shot. It makes the operation of camera much easier than handling other stabilization options.


There are certainly other things to know before using a gimbal on your video camera. Some of these things are briefly described hereunder for your consideration.

Gimbals do not replace pro tools

Gimbals are great at stabilization but they do not replace any of the tools used to make a quality video. Some of the important cinematic tools used for pro video include dollies, sliders and jibs which you cannot replace by using a gimbal. In saying this tho, going freestyle you will have almost no camera shake so can still create some of these motions with amazing stability.

Do not forget your creative potential

Though you can capture amazing images with the help of a gimbal,you should not forget that your creative skills instead of a new device dictate your creation.

Vertical movement is still shown

Though you can tilt, roll and pan your camera on various axes by using multiple gimbals, you should not lose your focus from the vertical movement of your camera as it is not controlled by any of the axis in the gimbal. Any kind of vertical movement can affect the quality of your video.

Other Gimbal Tips

Gimbal can be inverted as and when required

Gimbals are designed to hold near the chest or waist of the operator to handle it in a natural manner. But if your shot requires you can also invert your gimbal to get the perfect shot.

Keep it balanced

In order to get the best shots it is necessary to balance your gimbal even if you are a great videographer. Your setup will not work properly with an improperly balanced gimbal as it can drain out your battery or overwork the motor of your camera.

Are you ready for stable?

Overall gimbals are a great upgrade to your kit and will allow you to capture movement of the camera without shake. Even unstabilized lenses will work well with movement.

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