The average person these days chews through a phone every 2 years and odds are you have at least one sitting in your desk drawer at home. If you have an old phone lying around there are some simple app’s that can convert that phone into a decent motion detector security camera.

There are a lot of dedicated security systems available, but perhaps you just want something fast and easy, this will tell you how to get one going in less than 5 mins.

Setting up the phone

To begin, the basic hardware you will need is a phone or tablet with a rear camera, a mounting location or a phone stand. If you are looking to set up a permanent long-term monitor; a power supply and a charger cable are also essential.

Place the phone camera facing the area you want to monitor and then activate the app. Apps can take photos of movement, email you the photos and even set off an alarm to deter any unauthorized people.

Setup is fast and easy so even if you only have one phone you can set it up at night time as an extra layer of security.

What Monitoring App Do I Download?

There are many apps available that convert your phone into an IP camera, all offering slightly different feature set, we have selected the best free security camera app for Android and apple.

Sailent-eye-IP-cameraFor Android

Download Salient Eye. It is a free security monitoring app that uses motion detection to sense movement and then can be set to email or text you.

Salient eye also has a cloud file server where it uploads photos it captures and can be view anywhere you have the internet. Even if the thief steals the phone you will still have access to the pictures it captured.


For Apple

In the App store grab Manythings, it is a motion detector and can be set up similar to its Android counterpart. It has the extra function of actually recording video and streaming it live to another iPhone or iPad and can be set up with a free cloud account to store up to half a day’s worth of video.

Want more security?

If a Smartphone is not enough for your needs then you should look at getting your hands on some wireless security cameras with night vision and audio monitoring. We have a great range of security equipment so be sure to check us in your search.

To keep prying eyes out of the signal make sure any wireless cameras you buy use encryption and have your own password setup. With default settings, it is really easy to find IP cameras on the internet and can even be used to spy on you in your own home.

If you don’t need super security, make use of that old phone and convert it into an IP camera today, it’s easy and free!

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didn’t even know this was possible, i am gonna give this a try on my Android phone.
Thank you.


Yeah its really simple and easy otherwise your old phone is sitting around doing nothing.