You will be surprised how performance has become so cheap, if you are looking to upgrade on a budget, here are Banggood’s best phones under $150 dollars.

I’ve tried to stick to the most reputable brands offering under $150 handsets. They all function well as a daily phone and have accessories available.

If you are looking for a new smartphone, consider these, you can click the titles for each phone to see more details.

Redmi note5A

Note 5A Redmi



Honor 8 Lite



Meizu M5 Note5

Honor 6 Play


Lenovo ZUK Z2


Xiaomi Redmi 4X


So far this year these are the handsets to consider if you are on a budget, they will all do everything you need on a daily basis and have a good overall performance.

Why choose phones under $150

On this budget it hits the minimum level of specs considered to be acceptable, specs on the high end of smartphones are generally not necessary for the average user, so this year has marked a good step towards more spec for less.

We will update this list if something emerges before the end of 2016, but until now , these our top pics for the phones you can get for under $150. We have loads of the latest smartphones over on our store page.

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