Fidget spinners are all rage among kids and their parents too. Here are some of our best spinner.

1.AITURE APP Control Fidget Spinner

This spinner will shock you with its smartness. Regular Bluetooth spinners can play music. But the Aiture offers much more.
What you need to do is download Aiture app from Google Play Store.With the app, you not only can see the spinning speed but also choose the funny pattern to show when spinner spinning.

With the app, the user can select what the spinner shows, including texts and emojis.
app control bluetooth AITURE Spinner
If you want to surprise someone, how about using this Fidget Spinner to do it?

The custom message can be programmed with a phrase of up to 24 characters.

2.ECUBEE Stainless Steel Ferris Wheel Spinner

The balls in the fidget spinner can be replaced with marbles. (It took Dony half hour to do it!) If you are spinner and DIY enthusiast, you can’t miss this one for not only its unique frame but also its customizability.


3.ECUBEE Cube Fidget Spinner

Very well machined aluminum case and perfect design for smooth spinning. It’s something different, a cube spinner.

4.ECUBEE 9 Gear Spinner

Latest Spinner Strange Fidget Spinner
Brass and aluminum material, 9 gear is a larger gangster among the spinners.

A unique thing about this hand Spinner is every little gear on the spinner spins itself. It’s not one of the longest spinning spinners, but it sure looks awesome when all 9 gears are spinning.

5.ECUBEE Gold Wing Fidget Spinner

This spinner is an awesome gift for Harry Potter fans.

Do you have the sense of Deja Vu? The Rotating Silver Wings might lead you to the magical world!

These are our top 5 interesting spinners, what one do you like the most?

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Enjoy your spinning time:)