Not only should these already be in your kit they are also an excellent gift for anyone for Christmas.

1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio

Blitzwolf F4 with Samsung 7

Both home on the PC and mobile on the go, Bluetooth speakers give you powerful sound. In the past, these were not super bassy, but this year we began to offer some 20W speakers that are just as good as your HiFi.

2 Cable management


Being organized is a great feeling and these stick on bits of rubber, attach to your desk, computer or behind the TV. Clean your clutter and keep your cables where you need them.

3 Multi-chargers


Chances are you have a few devices, this is not only more economical it also makes charging so much more comfortable without the need to for more cables and wall sockets. Charge everything at once on one charger.

4 Powerbanks


Phones still don’t last as long as we wish and you can avoid the low on the way home with a powerbank. For a general charger you can pick up any of the standard power banks, for something faster, we have Qualcomm QC quick charge power banks.

5 HeadphonesMEIZU EP-51 HiFi Music Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Just like speaker prices have dropped in 2016, getting some good wireless or wired headphones are a bargain.

6 Keyboards


Add to your phone or tablet and gives you an instant increase in productivity, now you can type at full speed on your small device without the need for a desktop. It can be a joy detaching from work tho, so carefully consider what will happen if you actually can work on your phone. As a blogger tho it is fantastic to run up some words if you hit inspiration on the road. Keyboards come in both mini and full size and might seem weird, but once you try, you will be amazed at how fast you can type and how productive you can be with a small screen.

7 Computer stands


Does this look strange to you? It actually raises your posture making your neck more comfortable while also doubling your desk real estate by giving you space underneath.

8 Phone mounts

magnetic-mountsDriving with your phone is a hazard, but if you are using navigation and other communication (hands-free of course) then having your phone secure does not need an awkward cradle clamping to your car, magnetic mounts are an instant, secure way to mount your phone.

9 Cables


Why pay full price for a branded cable when you can get the same for much less, there is no advantage to an expensive branded cable provided you grab one of equal quality. There are some really shocking budget ones but Remax and BlitzWolf are recommended, and their Apple cables are Apple certified. From nice braided wires to the latest Type-C keep your devices connected and powered without footing the branded price.

10 OTG memory stick

Transferring data between computers is common, but with these, you can include your phone or tablet into the mix. Now even if your phone has limited storage, you can save some files on a memory card and access them on the go.

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