Today we are out in the carpark testing the new Eachine 250 racer and have successfully installed a Devo receiver and taken it for it’s first flight. If you have not already had a read check our introduction and teardown of this ready built quad racer.Rear light and in flight


Pre flight setup.

Devo F126 binded with eachine

Before taking it out for a flight we needed to prepare the system for flight, to do this we needed to install a receiver to the top frame and setup the FC software. The receiver we used was the AX 1202 and that pairs with our DEVO F126 controller.

This controller is really advanced and a tad overkill for this racer, the nice thing about it tho is it has the screen built in and a lot of customization possibilities.

Connecting a receiver to the Eachine 250

There is not much room in the layers of the frame to house a receiver of this size, so it was mounted on top of the quad frame near the FPV antennae.

Connecting and wiring up the receiver was easy, the photos below shows a rough wiring diagram of all the wring colors.Eachine 250 wiring diagram

Basic wiring tips

  • The receiver is powered through the ELEV pins, and it is the only connection with all three wires connected (red, black and white).
  • Both rudder and gear are yellow wires and we recommend tagging one to distinguish the difference.
  • The white and black AX connection at the bottom is for the control of the lights, it links to the video record switch on the Devo F126 controller.

How to setup the eachine racer 250 receiver wires.


The controllerDevention F126 controller

The Devo is on the high end and has a lot of extra functions, if you are looking for a budget all in one solution I would not recommend the Devo receiver and controller.

There is another Frsky one we will try to install on the Eachine later this month, it is a bargain controller and receiver combo.

The RTF version will also likely be out before the end of the month so if you are looking for the all in one racer 250 Eachine will give us stock shortly.

Eachine flying sideways with lights off

The First Flight

One of our partners had flown this before us and he said it was very aggressive, so our approach was to be gentle and not get overconfident. We also were in the car-park so didn’t have much room to get loose.

Flight 1In the standard mode the Eachine 250 is quite stable at hover and easily sits still without constant input, this allowed us to get some nice photos.

Eachine hovering steady with lights off
What should we test next?

If you are eyeing up the Eachine and have something you want us to look at in more depth post it here and we can get some info for you, im not a expert (yet) on this setup but am quickly learning the small details.
Ready to fly eachine 250 before flight

Ready to grab one now?

The BNF and version with FPV screen are available now so jump in and check the latest Eachine 250 prices out.


  • Send me one for test 🙂 I will check if is resistant to falls :D:D:D

  • Doc Mosh

    what is gear and aux1 used for if aux7 is the lights?