Show us your Banggood logo and win a Xiaomi Camera!!

It’s our Birthday this month and we want you to get your pen, crayon, paint or whatever you can and celebrate by drawing your own style Banggood logo. So get your paper ready and show us what you can make! [ENDED- We are going through the entries and will announce the winners soon]


  • The Xiaomi Camera Prize
We loved the subtle detail in the background.
We loved the subtle detail of products in the background.
  • The first 5 Entries

These ones were easy to find, the first 5 .

top 5

  • Creative Extra Prizes

Even making this list was tough, everyone who entered put in a solid effort and when we do some more events around Christmas I hope we can have more prizes. The light art one was selected, even tho they uploaded 3 photos we choose just the first one.

Great Banggood Logos



The Logo Challenge

Yi White or black
If you win you get to choose, white or black..

Have no drawing skills?

That’s cool neither do I, just write it out as a word.

Don’t have a pen?

If you need a pen we have 9 free (well almost $0.01) pens HERE if you use coupon code BGLOGO. You can’t be greedy though, it is limited to one per customer. You unfortunately won’t be able to enter this contest as it will probably arrive after this event closes, you know how it is…

How to Draw

Make it like the original or be creative and draw your own style, as long as it can be read to say Banggood we’re happy.

How to upload

Our comments system is based on Discuss so you will need a membership with them, after sigining up you will be able to comment on this post. See below for a picture.

After taking your photo, navigate to the bottom of this page and click this button to upload the photo.
After taking your photo, navigate to the bottom of this page and click this button to upload the photo.


  • Don’t feel like you need to be an artist, look at my crappy drawing.

    Alis bad logo
    Can you draw the logo better than me?

All that small print!

  • FIRST 5 entries : we have a special bonus prize too.
  • EVERYONE that posts a logo goes in the draw to win the camera.
  • One entry per person only so only post your best logo.

Event runs from 16 September to 16th of October, winners announced before the 18th of October. (yes we are a few days late :d )

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Enjoy your September and keep an eye out for more fun games this month.

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ASCII style 🙂

Brad Saint George
Brad Saint George

I miss the old days of ASCII art.

Andrius M.
Andrius M.

mine version

Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson

My fantasy

Rasa P
Rasa P

My favorite Banggood 😉


Not by hand but…