Spinners were the biggest craze in 2017 and the MAFAM Q308 is not your usual spinner. Sure there are ones with speakers, LEDs and lights, but MAFAM went one step further and added a fully functional smartphone.

Spinner old people phone
Is it a spinner phone or a phone spinner?

We had the MAFAM Q308 Finger Gyro mobile phone in the office and took it for a spin.

Design features

The Q308 is modeled after the concept of the traditional mobile phones of the early 21st century and as such comes with the conventional button keypad albeit with some unique character additions. Here’s a breakdown of the phone’s other design features:

1) Series 30 operating system

Hinges upon the series 30 single core CPU,the operation interface is concise and minimal. Having such a simple system makes it lightning quick.

2) Anti-knock 240 x 240 TFT screen

To withstand the impacts of knock or accidental drops, the Q308 incorporates a tough, thin film 1.3 inch LCD color screen, and like the phones, it was modeled off, it is not a touchscreen.

3) 2G network & Dual sim capability

This spinner phone has an average internet connection as it taps into the cutthroat internet protocol of yesteryears’ technology, although given the basic system, that all you’ll ever need. Dual SIM card socket is convenient for someone subscribed to more than one service provider.

4) Finger Gyro mobile phone

This beauty has a classy silver spinner button that sparks to life the default elegant black that dominates the exterior. It really puts on a show with flickering red lights at the top of the screen complimenting the circular motions stunningly.

5) Other Features

  • A 2MP rear camera that enables you to take pictures on the go.
  • 400 mAH battery capacity that has a commendable lifespan even during intensive use, with 3-5 hours talk time and 200-250 hours standby time.

Spinner phones are just finding their feet and show just how hard spinner brands are going to keep the toy alive. The MFAM Q308 leads this new revolution as one of the brightest phone spinners. At just a retail price of about $20, it is an exciting piece of technology that proves an excellent gift choice and a worthy addition to your spinner/phone collection.

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