If you have a big channel and have experience making reviews then you can apply for our professional review program.

  • What—This is where you can share your professional and expert review.
  • Get—Samples of products!
  • How—You need to apply first, it is easy just fill out a form.

Your website will be analyzed and we will inform you if you have been accepted within 30 days. 

We are looking for:

  • Youtube channels over 25,000 subscribers who have already made reviews with large views and many comments.
  • Personal blogs that rank in the top 80,000 websites based on Alexa rank.

We have limited resources for this program and will not consider channels below these minimums. If you are new or below these requirements, please look into the Affiliates program, where you can earn commission on all sales you refer.

We will carefully check your old reviews

If your channel is big enough, we will then analyze it, this includes looking for an example of your previous reviews. We are looking for detailed coverage of the product and proven skills in making reviews:

  • Content—We look for more than just showing the products,  do you tell us how it works, how it performs, what you think of the product and if possible even compare it to other related products, compare features and aim for holistic coverage of the product?
  • Linking—Do you tell us where you bought it?
  • Originality—Are your reviews creative and original?

Review Club Conditions:

Please read this before submitting your application.

  •  Affiliates, Dropshippers, and other partners can not apply for this program.
  • Your channel should be original and not contain copyrighted material;
  • Explicit or offensive channels will not be considered.

If we send you an item

  • Your review can only show Banggood products;
  • Your review may be used by us with credit given to you;
  • You are required to use a custom tracking link.
  • Affiliate links are not allowed.

Banggood has the right to change the review policy at any time.

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Jeff Meyer

“Apply Now!” button just leads to a broken link. I would like to apply but can’t get a working link from any department within the banggood universe. Can someone email me a application.

Janela Infantil

Oi; tenho um canal com mais de 22 mil inscritos e mais de 7 000,000 sete milhões de visualizações.
Gostaria de receber produtos Infantil da Bang good (Brinquedos) para publicar no meu canal e fazer publicidade para o site da Ban good.

Garanto que podemos fazer uma grande parceria; vocês enviam os produtos infantis e nós divulgamos e damos publicidades para a Ban good.
Muito obrigada


thanks for explained that

Paulo Almeida

Most of ppl dont believe in that same guys make reviews about product are low quality and say is very good.
Talking about youtubers 40k 80k subs. They go after what good racer says.

Im vip5 they don’t accept me because i dint have 10k subs in my channel. pls …

Paulo, thanks for being part of our community and reaching VIP5. The aim of the review club is to create a partnership where we both benefit, it is run independently of the VIP rewards program. The aim: Promote our company through large channels with a large audience, in return these channels will receive free items for their efforts. The size of your channel, interaction and recent growth are looked at. We set these requirements as there are other ways we could promote (Facebook ads, Google,YouTube ads) to receive a similar result. I truly appreciate your loyalty to our company, and… Read more »