Oukitel, known for stunning designs has released the K6, it’s fast, fashionable and is our pick for the business executive. Many phones are packing the same P25 processor, but few have the same distinct Oukitel look. We take a look at Oukitels first phone of 2018.

Oukitel K6000 K6

Balance Between Handy & Full Screen

Oukitel K6 strives to make a balance between the handy size and the upgraded full-screen display. You can comfortably operate it with one hand. Although it is not entirely edgeless, the 2160X1080 HD thin bezel screen hits beyond retina with a 400 PPI.

Oukitel K6 smartphone
Features an impressive dual curved glossy design and full hight body. The K6 has a distinctive look and a good grip in hand.

Massive Battery Smartphone

It’s not just the design that makes this suitable for the active business person, the highlight of the Oukitel K6 is its massive 6300mAh battery, this is just as much power as an average slim powerbank. You can enjoy more than a full day of calling or browing facebook during a day-long meeting… And more than a week in standby.

Love a big battery? The Elephone P12000 is another hot phone that is available now with a world first 12000mAh battery.

Extended Features

Keep your corporate data safe and only accessible to you with biometric face ID and fingerprint payment and log in.

Impressive Oukitel K6 Quad-Cameras

You heard it right, quad cameras! Both dual- cameras on the front and back! 21MP+8MP rear cameras and 13MP+8MP front cameras. If you love the benefits of duals on the back, you now can enjoy the same advanced shooting modes in selfie/group photo mode.


Oukitel provides another a considerable option besides Apple and Samsung, it’s not as big of a brand, or sports the big price tag but has the look and performance required to survive your busy lifestyle. Now it’s on preorder sale for only $229.99. Time to have a look!

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