Mantistek has launched the GK3-61, their first 60% keyboard loaded with Cherry switches. It’s a nice compact keyboard for fast typing and precise gaming.

We first thought a 60% keyboard was awkward, but for touch typing and on mobile devices, having a mechanical keyboard does boost productivity. A smaller 60% keyboard also gives you more space on your desk.

mantistek fn function layers
A 60% keyboard uses a function layer to allow you to access almost all the same keys as a full-size keyboard.

Here is our first look at the MantisTek GK3-61 mechanical keyboard.

RGB Backlit Keys

The GK3-61 Cherries are lit with RGB LEDs that can be programmed in a variety of modes. Although there are no fully custom options, there are enough options to find something you like.

Bluetooth or wired


You have one central micro USB connector and can link it to any PC, notebook or TV box.


You can connect to three Bluetooth devices at a time, and switch between them. Ideal if you are working in multi-desktop environments or if you want one keyboard for all devices. Simply press the hotkey to switch.

The KeyCapsTypes of Mantistek Cherry keys

Cheery keys are regarded as one of the most reliable and are a popular choice. The options blue brown and red offer slightly different feel and noise.

Overall Impression

Mantistek gk3 61 keyboard on desk

There are a few options in the 60% size range,  and having Cherry switches make the GK3-61 one of the top choices alongside the RK61. Although mechanical keyboards are also about the customization options.

When it comes to lighting and personalization, the GK3 sits in the middle as it offers RGB functionality, but lacks more advanced lighting modes and custom patterns. If you want full app control the popular Anne pro is an option, although it does lack Cherries, it has an advanced setup and customization for the lighting modes.

gk3 61 with macbook and tablet

60% layout is standard, and you have a wide range of caps available to change the look.

The GK3 packs the best switches and offers a good range of lighting modes all for less than the price of the single color RK61. It’s our best priced 60% cherry keyboard.

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