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Slime DIY Instagram
Slime is popular no matter on Instagram or other social medium.

With high ductility and plasticity, you can knead into any shape you like.And here are the top recipe for DIY slime.Even though the ingredients are simple, there are a few tricks you need to know to make sure the texture comes out right.

How do you need for making Slime?

  • Borax
  • Glitter glue or white glue
  • 1 cup warm water
  • Extra glitter powder
  • Food coloring (optional — recommended for white glue)
  • Which is included in Our DIY Crystal Clay Kit

How to Make Crystal Slime?

STEP 1: Combine borax and warm water in a bowl.Slime Borax Glitter DIY

Stir until the borax is completely dissolved(3 spoon Borax with 100ml warm water).Use it after cooling.

STEP 2: Pour the glue and water (with ratio of one to two )into a separate bowlSimple Glitter slime receipt

In this step, you can decorate your slime by adding the glitter powder and Food coloring.

STEP 3: Mix the borax solution made in STEP 1 and the glue made in STEP 2

glime Tutorial

Attention, add the borax solution slowly with the spoon.Stir evenly after adding a spoon of borax solution until the thickness reaches your expectation.

The process of making slime is enjoyable when you can make it identified with different materials. To Fiddle with those little stuff and lazy the whole afternoon away home sounds nice, right?