Amazon Alexa started with little over 2,000 skills, and now it has rocketed to over 10,000. This is bringing a lot more compatibility to smart devices, and now even devices using Magic Home can be set up. Arilux strip light controllers are one of our popular choices.

Why “Magic Home”?

Until now most of the compatible devices for Alexa were expensive and from the big brands. These are great fully supported products, but their price tag quickly adds up. Now, with this skill you no longer need expensive bulbs and controllers to automate your home’s lighting. Hundreds of manufacturers make lighting products that use the MagicHome app, and some controllers are only a few dollars.

A few months ago Alexa became compatible with this system, so now getting every light in your house under Alexa control became a lot more affordable.

Connecting your MagicHome device to Alexa

  1. Setup the light or controller with the magic home app.
  2. Set up the cloud account and enable “Remote Access.”
  3. In the Alexa, app click “discover devices.”
  4. Select your device.
  5. Lights can now be operated via voice control.

Current limitations to the connection

Having a link to Alexa is a great integration, and you can automate all the basics. More advanced option in the Magic Home app is however not yet available.

What you can do with MagicHome in Alexa

  • Set brightness – “Set bathroom light to 20 percent” OR “brighten/dim bathroom light”.
  • Turn lights on and off – “turn on/off bathroom light.”

What you can only do in the Magic Home app

  • Change the color of RGB bulbs.
  • Access advanced modes, such as strobe and color ramping modes.

The developer has indicated that they are working on integrating these functions into the skill. We are not sure when, but the full function will eventually be available directly in Alexa.

For most regular lighting setups, the link options now are enough and will allow you to expand your home lighting with bargain “Magic Home” lights and controllers.

Looking for controllers or bulbs?

We have a collection of lighting accessories that are ready to pair to your smart home system. Discover our lighting range now.

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