On the 4th of April, Digoo released a set of hot new products, this was their first large launch event. Digoo rose this year with their popular M1Q camera and also released a set of weather stations last month. They ordered rock bottom prices on their top 4 new releases. These deals have now ended, but here are the items Digoo released during the April 4 event.

1Smart scales SO38H

With full Bluetooth and a LED screen, the scales offer a regular training record of not only your weight but also by using electronic sensors it can get your body fat content. If you’re looking for a smart way to track your health, the SO38H is hard to beat, and our pick of the best Digoo deal. See our review.

2Security sprayer AK7

A unique sprayer that is motion detected, so now if an animal or your nosy neighbor sets foot in your back yard you can spray them with a jet of water. It works by detecting motion and then switching on the electronic valve to let the water spray. Although it won’t stop a smart thief it will work wonders if you have cats roaming onto your yard.

It’s a novel idea and one of the more unique items offered by Digoo and a sign they are entering into the outdoors.

3M1X camera

The prized M1 has been upgraded and now has a LAN port and full motion control. This tweak means even if you are in an environment with heavy WiFi pollution you can enjoy an interference-free video stream. It does come at a sacrifice though, this one has no Onvif support so will only work with the Digoo software. This could be changed in the future as it would just be a firmware change to open it up. See our review.


Fitted with an ultra wide 180 Degree the DG-UFC will capture everything in front of it. With a true ultra wide lens, you can put this on the wall or ceiling and capture the whole room.  An ultra wide angle camera can reduce the number of cameras needed to cover an area, reducing cost and data storage required. See our UFC review.

5Discover More Digoo

If you want to see all of Digoos current products, you can see them all on our collection page.

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