It seems that each couple all has their own token, which represents their love to a certain extent. Many couples may choose jewelry such as necklaces, rings or bangles to be the token. For me, mine is Julius Couple Wrist Watch, which is bought by my present boyfriend who I have known for 3 years.

I feel fortunate to come across such a gentle man. He is in a good temper and considerate very much. He is always tolerant to me, forgiving my occasional complaint and unreasonable reaction. He is mature enough to get the hang of a lasting love. It is he that teaches me how to love a person with your sincere heart. The Julius Couple Wrist Watch is a gift he gave me as the gift of Valentines’ Day in 2010, which is an important year establishing our loving relationship.

He said there were four color of wristbands to choose, yellow, green, black and brown. He chose the brown one because he thought this color was not easy to be tired of. I thought so. Some brown could convey a leisure feeling, making people comfortable. The dial was so big that we felt it decent enough to show your temperament. What’s worth mentioning, the numbers engraved on it was extremely clear and the distance between two numbers was very accurate, which indicated that it went on time. It brought lots of convenience for office workers like us, keeping our awareness of time all the time. We both liked the Julius Couple Wrist Watch, wearing it frequently in daily life. It was as if that it has become the personification of my boyfriend. With its company, I won’t feel lonely.

In fact, we all know romance will be less and less than before between two lovers. It is a normal phenomenon that we should learn to adapt to. The life of two lovers will become more and more ordinary. When you reach this period, you will find your beloved has become your habit, who you are used to depending on. From my point of view, my lover is like the Julius Couple Wrist Watch worn on my hand. He doesn’t need to be glaring enough. As long as he is practical and makes me comfortable, that is all I desire for.

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