Asides from electronic accessories, drones, and smartphones, we also have some more quirky products. If you’re looking for a humorous gift for someone who’s difficult to shop for, we have a collection for you!

Wine stopper makes your wine taste better

Sharp color, nice material. Not only funny but practical. It’s a perfect product as long as you can make sure this guy will not do a prank in your wine.

The gift of value – 100-dollar  beach towel

Just $15 for a $100 bill. An attractive deal, right?

Relieve their stress – A supersized working enter button

The easy way to relieve stress, smash this supersize enter button instead of your keyboard.

Support their hobby – Colorful anti-slip yoga socks

Know someone who loves yoga? It’s unnecessary to understand why your friend is addicted to twisting their bodies. If they love yoga, they’ll appreciate the extra grip on the mat.

Bizzare, but cute salted fish pillow

Fish with 4 legs and a crying face. All it wants to do is lie in bed with you.

A piggy waist bag for hiding things

This little piggy gives your belly a nice storage upgrade. It can be an ironic gift for those gym rats who keep saying “I’m too fat”.

A unique accessory – Eyelash Comb

In terms of makeup tools, there is always something you don’t know.

A toilet night light makes it unnecessary to worry if you drink too much water before sleep

The best part of it is the motion sensor. You can find the toilet even in the dark.

A silicone rubber face slimmer

Just 3 minutes per day can help you shape your face? Maybe just enjoy the most laughable 3 minutes in every day when it’s on your friend’s face.

A middle finger umbrella that shows your bad mood

Show your altitude in a silent way.

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