Are you afraid of trying more advanced moves because of the cost to repair? Perhaps you’ve recently totaled your frame and been taking it easy. We want to free you of the cost of a crash and found our strongest frames for under $30. These frames save you $ in the long run as they can take some solid hits.

The Banggood indestructible frame list.

We checked our reviews and labeled these as our toughest frames ever.

X frames are renowned for handling crashes and allow you to keep pushing your skills to the limit without racking up a big parts bills.

What makes them so tough?

They are all X frames. The simple X frame design is built with 4 single piece arms and is held together between two middle plates.

Realacc Genius frame with spare parts
The standard Genius frame product page, with spare part prices.

If something does break, changing arms is fast, and the base structure means your PDB is unlikely to be damaged. When it comes to spares, you also only need arms and center plates.

The compact core provides protection, and all essential electrics are stacked together safely in the middle of the frame. The arms usually take the most hits and your core will be untouched.

Extra thick arms

These frames all have 4mm thick arms which can take direct hits and remain strong. During racing, there is a tremendous strain on the frame and although they are heavier and thicker, they will resist damage.

A frame is not everything

You might have a tough frame, but other parts of your quad are susceptible to damage. Anything that sticks out from the frame can take hits and break. These are common parts that are also handy to have.

Plan for breakage

It will happen, and if you do end up hitting the pavement and breaking something, parts for these frames are a bargain, and you can easily keep a few spare parts in your crash kit.

Have you Flown One Of These Thrustworthy X Frames?

An affordable crashable quad releases you of the money cage where you worry about the cost of a crash. If you are yet to discover the strengths of an X frame, grab one of these and don’t let the cost of crashing hold you back from advancing your flying skills.

Crash and learn with an X frame.

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Mario Huergo
Mario Huergo

Si quiero comprar uno por piezas, como puedo informarme de que piezas necesito y cuanto podria costarme haciendolo yo?

Martin Shores
Martin Shores

I do like sideplates. The older style of bottom and top plates held together with thin standoffs does get dangerous when the heavy battery slides the whole top plate breaking off the standoffs. The introduction of carbon sideplates really strengthens the frame and adds stiffness to some designs.

I vote for more carbon sideplates! They work.

Scott Bingham
Scott Bingham

In my (concerningly large) fleet of quads are a couple built into the Martian frames.