The year of the dog begins on February 15, and we plan to not only give you more bang for your buck but also give you even better service and support.

We’re celebrating Spring Festival this week!

In China, we work throughout Christmas and just have one day off for New Years. But now it is our turn, for the next five days (Feb. 14-18) most of us will be celebrating Chinese new year. Our central office is in Guangzhou, and most of us don’t have family here so, we all go back to our hometowns. Some drive, some fly but most take the train. Our 4000+ team is usually all in one office every day, but during this time we are spread across every province of China.

Some of us are still working tho…

This is the only real holiday for us at Banggood, and although there may be some small delays, we are making sure that they are minimized.  To do this, we have people from each team working through the holidays. So from product assistants to social promotion teams, we will keep operations running.

Our deals and saving don’t stop.

While we are away, we have collected a basket of new year deals and savings that will keep working when we are not.

See the New Year 2018 Promotion

What do you want to see from us in 2018?

We have just updated our homepage, and we’re working on new developments including.

  • A wallet payment system
  • Further upgrades to the help center
  • More awesome promotions and events

If you have any further things you would like us to work on, drop a comment below.

We hope you enjoy your week and we will all be back on Feb 18.

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