Game Pad Digital (GPD) has previously made a WIN gaming device, and also a popular Android-based emulator, it has now produced a regular notebook style GPD Pocket. With the GPD Pocket, the Chinese manufacturer decided to give it a touch of aluminum and a full keyboard, turning from gaming to micro portable computing.

Game Pad Digital Pocket Display

GPD pocket

  • The GDP display is touch display with 1920×1200 IPS resolution, which is plenty of PPI for a screen of that size.
  • The 7-inch display seems small, color accuracy is very high, and text is super sharp.
  • Unlike the older GDP models, bezels are tiny on this device. The
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3 adds protection.

The Performance of the GDP Pocket

GPD managed to squeeze a full-size laptop into a 7-inch handheld device, which we feel is quite neat. While the incorporated Intel Atom is less exciting than an Intel Core i5, anything above would be impracticable. More powerful processors require more space, more power, and greater needs for heat dissipation. This is built for portability, not top performance so we feel GPD have chosen components that balance battery, size, and performance. The 8 GB RAM complements the Intel ATOM processor well. you can expect the device to handle light gaming with no lag.

The OS Windows 10 performs well with the Intel Atom processor and boots fast and runs smoothly.

The battery

When it comes to the performance of the battery, you can actually get more than 12 hours from the 7000 mAh Lithium Polymer power pack. However, if you push the GDP Pocket hard, you will find 8 hours or less.

PortsGPD Win with USB 3.0

There are 4 ports packed into one side of the Pocket PC. The ports include

  • USB Type-A.
  • USB Type-C.
  • Micro type HDMI out.

Only 3 Ports?

With a full-speed USB3 and a Type C you can easily add a regular USB hub and with real Type C connectivity, you can enjoy multiple connections in one cable, such as charging and connecting to a 4K screen. The Pocket also supports Bluetooth 4.1. This combined with the ports above make the GDP gaming device a powerful and complete PC that will work excellently with other external accessories.

Productivity factor

Just connect a screen and a keyboard and mouse, and you have a full Windows 10 desktop, then disconnect, and you can take it with you. No cloud or synchronizing, you game document or work is exactly where you left off.

Our Verdict

GPD windows 10 mini PC

The GPD gaming device is more costly than most Chinese budget laptops. Today, no laptop device is more portable than the GPD Pocket. The touchscreen makes handheld use a joy, and the performance of the Pocket is more than you will ever need for performing daily tasks. Of course, there are downsides – however well the Pocket keyboard is designed, it is not as usable as the full-size model. There are also no cameras, meaning you can’t video chat unless you plug in a webcam externally. If you can overlook these minor flaws, you will discover that the Original Box GPD Pocket Intel X7-Z8750 is a superb portable computing or gaming device.

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