GB Boy emulates the original Gameboy and offers a fully original game compatible experience.

It has the one thing the Gameboy was missing!

The GB boy has a backlight. The original Gameboy needed light at a certain angle to be seen. Although you can modify your GameBoy with a top led light attached, or a DIY internal light, this instantly has a better lighting system and richer colors. The screen is slightly wider than the original but this does not affect gameplay or usability.

Back battery cover of the GB Boy color
The back is almost a complete replica of an original GameBoy.

If you have ever had a GameBoy this will bring back some nice memories. With an official name of GB Boy GBC-407 and a production date of December 2016 it is a modern version of this classic gaming machine.

What makes the GB Boy different from the original Gameboy?GBC-407 GB Boy

Aside from the backlight, we noted the following differences.

  • The screen is slightly wider.
  • Select and start buttons are noticeably larger.
  • It is about half a CM taller than the original GameBoy.
  • The color and contrast are higher than the original.
  • Includes preloaded games.

A note here is although there is the link port on the side and IR cover on the top we could not test them as we didn’t have another device or game that supported linking.

The software

GB Boy home screen with all the 66 games
When you boot up the GB boy screen is shown then the list of games loads.

The advantage here is straight out of the box it is ready to play. Unlike the original,  it comes loaded with 66 games already so even without a cartridge in the slot it will boot up and play these games. Some of the classics like Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Tetris are included as well as some random Chinese games that we had not seen before.

Playing original GameBoy games

Slide in a cartridge and turn it on, the internal games are bypassed and it loads up the game.

If you want to play some classic games on a classic machine it is a great alternative to the originals which can be more expensive, harder to find and lack a backlight.

See the full details and a list of Internal games.

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