Turn your boring eggs into art

EleksEgg is a machine designed and to draw on uneven surfaces where it would normally be impossible to do so, such as golf balls, ping pong balls, large marbles, ball bearings, light bulbs, pumpkins, stone balls and eggs. This can also be used on wine glasses and Christmas ornaments. It can even print on ellipsoidal and spherical shapes, just as long as it is sturdy, smooth and fits on the machine.

What does it do?

For many years, EleksMaker has been providing high-end solutions in robotic design. The EleksEgg is constructed of plastic and aluminum alloy. The machine is made to provide the best draw experience regardless of the shape or size. The drawing is done with a simple ink marker pen. It is capable of drawing on items with a 1.25 to 4.25 inch diameter.

How does it work?

There is both a mechanical and software part to operating the priner.

Designing the print pattern

Just like a regular printer you need to design something to print. Creating the design can be as simple as just importing a picture into the Evolution Desktop software and sending the design to the printer.

Simply import a file and set the size to match the object, then you can let the printer do the rest.

The free software for the EleksMaker Eleks Egg is available here.

Mechnical drawing

There are 2 main moving components of the printer, one rotates the object and the other controls the pen position. As the object rotates the pen draws onto it. The high-precision stepping motors are capable of making intricate designs and unlike engravers, this process is fairly quiet.

The Setup

When you first get the package, you need about 1 hour of construction to build it. All you need is a flathead and phillips head screwdriver. Once it is built, connect it via USB to your computer and setup the software.


The results

Here are some images of the creative things you can do with an egg and the Eleks Egg robot,

It’s a specialized robot that allows you to unleash your creativity and create some truly unique art.

Learn more about Eleks Egg

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