The market has exploded with ready to fly quads and the eachine is setting its self apart by offering some great points of difference,

  • Spinning: The eachine is headless and spins faster then anything we have ever seen.
  • Price: It claims to be the lowest priced quad in the market and yet not the smallest.

We take a close up look at what is in the Eachine H8 and see what bang for your buck is waiting in this new mini quad.

Inside the H8

Cross section of eachine h8

Opening up there are 8 screws, one near each motor and one on each corner of the PCB. The case is 2 parts and once unscrewed the bottom detaches from the top. Like most in this size it is a single PCB and 4 motors all connected via solder joints, it has a unique star shape as the orientation LED’s are solider right on the tip. No delicate pins or clips, it is simple to take apart.

The top board is packing most of the components, there is 3 main chips, 4 motor controller transistors and a frequency crystal that make up the complex flight control and receiver.

  • Invensence MPU 6050 – A 3 Axis Gyro and 3 axis acelerometer, used also in cellphones it combines both sensors in one chip. And can be sourced for about $6.

I wanted to do a basic component cost breakdown  but unfortunately we couldn’t find any info on the “F130GB SEP2666 AM1450” or the “XN297 1443”, if you know, leave a comment and we will update the analysis.

Processor board and gyro
The top board
H8 Bottom Board
Bottom side of PCB

The Battery

IMG_20150523_101847The great thing about the H8 is the removable battery, they are are small 150mAh Li-Po. That meas you can stock up quite cheaply and have a decent amount of flight time per session.


The controller

Inside the controllerSimilar to the Cheerson CX-10 on the outside, in the inside it also is quite similar and has the same circuit layout. The main case is 2 pieces and held in by 2 screws on the back, the PCB is held tightly to the top controller case with 4 screws. I was a bit rough pulling off the joysticks abd broke the left stick.

CX10 Antenne Mod
Extend your range with the antennae mod.

If you are familiar with the controller antennae mod then this has a removable white plate that can easily be drilled or just simply removed to accommodate a longer antennae or by just bending the internal wire straight. The quad does have this antennae wire so the mod can also be done to the top canopy by drilling a small hole and poking the antennae through.


H8 claims the status as the lowest cost quad in the market.
H8 claims the status as the lowest cost quad in the market.

Eachine are really pushing the value barrier as the pure cost of production, parts, packaging and shipping must cost less then $13. Even with massive economies of scale how anything could be turning profits for such a low price amazes me.

If you are gagging to try one yourself we have them here for less then $15. If you have something you want to see torn down or if you know more then me about some of these chips let me know. Happy flying.


  • Ronald8

    Well done! Nice to see the insides. I’ve already ordered one so it will be fun.

    • Give it a good test when you get it, im only hearing good things.

  • Ans

    is Eachine, banggood’s own brand and product! curious to know!

    • We do a lot of promotions for them, but they are a small company in our city and we have one of the reseller agreements so get to try and test a lot of their gear first. A few of their items have done well on our site.

  • RNC

    After seeing how well this is made I need to order 3. One for each of my grandsons. Thanks

    • Be sure to leave you own review once you have checked it out yourself. Hope they arrive soon, they are great bargain gifts.

  • Stu

    Save one for me please. I’ve started a collection of what my wife refers to as “Baby Quads” I think the total is just over 9 and 11 full sized beasties. At the Eachine’s price I may as well make it one more. Oh hang on, make that 10 Babies, I was forgetting the CX-10 I won.

    What does a 66 year old want with small quads? I enjoy sitting in my garden in the late afternoon with my wife. No wind, not even a breeze, and fly whichever quad I decide to pick. I’m certainly not the best pilot, but it’s fun. I’m amazed at the responsiveness of these latest machines, the technology involved is easily forgotten by the youngsters of today, it’s just a way of life these days.

    Anyway I’m off to order one whilst there’s still some available. At this price they’ll be hard to come by I reckon. Stu

  • Stu

    As for the elusive chip data, all I can find out is the F130GB is a small scooter in Germany, the SEP2666 is a date a long way off in the future and AM1450 is a Chinese radio station in San Francisco.

    If we also break down the XN297 1443. The XN297 we could look up in “The Directory Of National Competent Authorities Approval Certificate For Packages” that’s a mouthful. And finally the 1443 was either a common year starting on a Tuesday or perhaps a house number at a road in Vacy, NSW, 2421, Australia.

    Other than that I’m as in the dark as you I’m afraid. Very little to do with anything Digital. The numbers could be an “In House” numbering system. IC manufacturers will use their own numbering system on exclusive purpose made chips for electronic factories who want their own IC which no one else can buy. I believe it’s also used by companies who don’t want others knowing exactly what the IC is. Although I thought the idea had been thrown out because with today’s technology it’s too easy for a specialist to discover what’s inside.

    • Haha yeah it seems hard to put a finger on these small chips and means i cant do the full price break down. Thanks for having a check too Stu i appreciate it, i too only found other non chip related pages. It seems not everything is on the internet, yet…

      • Christopher Thomas

        The XN297 chip is a short distance 2.4ghz transceiver. I have the datasheet if needed. The REALLY cool thing about this quad (besides the price) are the debug pins clearly labeled on the bottom! It should be possible to reprogram to work with any other other XN297 modules, said modules can be made to fit other transmitters using the JR type modules…. aka other remotes or even using it to connect to an Ad-HOC wifi network and create a swarm node. (Something I’ve been working on in my spare time….)

        Definitively nift!

        😀 (BTW, it is also the same chip in the Cheerson CX10 Green PCB Controllers/Quads, so they should all be interchangable, but some also seem to have different protocols. The guys at and rcgroups have been working on the CX-10 with the same chip setups, lots of good info over there, as well as Bang_Good customers! :D))

        • Decent and amazing how you can hack these tiny systems. That swarm node sounds like a cool project, if you have any news or a blog we can follow to stay in the loop?
          We just looked inside the Hexacopter from JJRC and that has the same too, im learning all the brands are the same on the inside :d

        • P5100 Tab

          Hello Christopher! I have a problem with my h8 mini quadcopter, not turn on because a short circuit or reverse polarity, and I need of data sheet for trying repair it.. You can send me a data sheet diagrams please?

          My mail is:

          Thank you.

  • agogohome

    I guess my $6 ‘Snap Deal’, broke the bank then. LOL

    • We have gone into receivership and are loosing money thanks to your order, the boss says we wont have a job next week. Just having a laugh :d, our snap deals are there to get traffic and a few lucky people such as yourself can get a good deal, it breaks the bank but we still do it sometimes.

  • Josh Crowe

    Does anyone know what the 54NJ component is? Mine is getting very hot and causes it to read a short between batt + and – when it’s installed. If I remove it, the short goes away, so I suspect it’s faulty and needs replaced. May have been caused by my kids, they might have accidentally reversed the polarity of the battery connections. I would love to find a datasheet or other info on the component and try to get this baby flying again.

  • It seems to be a common problem that one of the motors stops spinning after a while? It happend to me today, and a a little seaching shows that this happens to many after about a week of flying. Checked it for hair, but seems clean, and it comes back on again “sometimes”. Contact error? Tried unplugging the battery on the quad and transmitter, in case it had to do with trim, but didn’t help. Tips?

    Edit: Ordered a new one. It seems to be a common problem with the ESC. Will fly the new one until it dies, then try to transplant the ESC.

    • I always assumed brushless means they don’t burn out/break but I was wrong, I just had a chat to the product manager he recommends to get the most life out of the motors to give some cooling off time between batteries. They are also susceptible to damage from crashes. I would contact our customer service If they have not been excessively used. Im not sure if there is a fix other than motor replacement.

  • P5100 Tab

    I absolutely need help, I accidentally reversed the polarity of the battery and the engine of the quadricopter toured for a short time without the LEDs ignite! The problem is that the quadricopter NOT LONGER ON !!! perhaps beyond the polarity reversal it is has also shorted !! He died!

    Now I want to know, as a member you can be burned? There is a SMD fuse or a resistor which can be changed ??


    • gino padova

      I have found the solution a 2 months ago! 😉

      The component in question for reverse polarity and burned protection is a diode fuse!

      Is sufficient remove it and put a normal 1n4007 diode in the first 2 pin and the mini h8 is ready for fly back… 🙂

  • Kumar

    Hello, I have recently bought a JJRC H8 mini and after few flights one of the motors doesn’t work consistently. It works well during yaw. But when on throttle, it sometimes responds and sometimes doesn’t. I have checked the soldering and I don’t see any cold solder joints. I doubt something has gone wrong on the circuit or the transmitter. Can anybody share some info on this please? Thanks very much.

    • Is the blade pushed down to far that it is catching the motor base creating friction?
      If it is not that i would just jump in and replace the motor, sometimes they overheat and also due to manufacturing some last longer than others.

  • david moloney

    Is it a 2-layer PCB?

    Is there a schematic available?


  • Abhishek Kumar

    My H8 suddenly started beeping continuously when I tried headless mode.Now it wont pair and beeps continuously on power on.Is there some way to reset this?I have left hand throttle and I pushed the right joystick down a couple of times and this started happening. 🙁

    • Perhaps the controller has been damaged? The beeping is coming from the controller or the quad?

      • Abhishek Kumar

        The Beeps were coming because the TX batteries got low.Problem was solved after changing batteries.

  • gino padova

    I’m looking for the schematics of this quadricopter , I heard that many people have the datasheet .. Someone who has it can mail them to my mail ?


    • If someone does end it to you let me know, ill add it on here too, ans sorry i don’t have any info myself.

  • disqus_aygypE6Sir

    @SunnyNZ:disqus I don’t know what’s going on but the last H8 Mini that BG are selling does have a blue PCB inside and different chips (more weak). Can you get any info on this? Is this normal?

    Green boards (old ones) = cortex m3 , 32K flash
    H8 Mini being selled right now on BG = stm32 cortex m0 , 16K flash