Eachine has launched the Lizard, a tough new mini racer. Eachine already has a selection of mini racers including the Falcon 120 .The lizard brings a toughened frame that not only protects the cam but also the antenna.

What You Get

The new Eachine racer weighs 66 grams (excluding battery) it uses the Eachine 1104 KV600 brushless motor with the propeller blades measuring 50mm. Visuals are delivered by a 600TVL HD CMOS ¼ inch camera and the VTX 5.8g 25MW/100MW switchable 48CH video transmitter.

The firmware of flight controller is betaflight 3.1 with  a built in OSD.

4 mins flight time

The Lizard 95 racer comes with an 11.1v 550mah 40C lipo battery and is rated to last around 4 mins. The racer is compatible with the 2s – 3s lipo batteries with a peak current of 15A.

Multiple receiver options

The new racer comes with 3 receiver options to choose from which are:

● Frsky D* model SBUS receiver.

● Flysky 8ch AFHDS2a receiver (Ibus output with failsafe).

● Spektrum DSM2/DSMX receiver.

Flight Controller Specifications:eachine lizard flight controller side view

The Eachine Lizard racer comes with a 27mm * 27mm * 5mm FC. It uses an STM32 F303 MCU processor and an SPI sensor MPU6000. It incorporates betaflight 3.1  and has a Dshot 600 ready firmware version for that smooth and completely tweakable flying experience.

The Lizard is the mini Wizard
lizard rear battery connector and led bar

  • The Eachine Lizard racer is extremely light and with a 3s battery, you can maximize your speed.
  • With 5 blades on the rotor, we expect it to feel more stable and smoother than other racers.
  • The frame design protects key components and reduces the chances of damaging the usual crash casualties; the antenne and camera.
  • The video transmission power can be adjusted to suit your needs to either 25mw or 100mw.
  • Eachine has made it easy to tweak, using betaflight to configure. You also get radio stick to control PID tunes while flying the racer.

Eachine became popular by making flight more affordable and as racers get smaller they continue to stretch more value from your buck.

If you are looking to get a powerful mini racer, for just over $100 the lizard is a hot option in 2017.

Learn more about the lizard or if you want larger go with the wizard.

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