A fresh new quad is coming, the Eachine E59, and it is here just in time for Christmas shopping season. It’s a little quad inspired by the foldable style of the Spark.

Learning to fly is a load of fun and launching at only $15.99 this is a perfect stocking filler.

Tiny and foldable

Eachine E59 dimensions

Foldable became famous in 2017, and these 9.5cm quads are the smallest you can find.

Key Features

Eahine E59 flying on an open road

The Eachine 89 combines a good set of functions to make flying easy and fun. It’s simple and intuitive to operate and USB chargeable.

Return to home

When activated it will fly back in the direction from where it initially took off from.


Instantly lifts or lands the quad at the press of a button.

USB Charging

Just like your phone, you can charge these with a regular USB charger.

No crash cage?

E59 on a table with the LED lights on

Originally we would recommend quads with crash cages as when you are learning they can absorb the crash and reduce the blades you break, but the E59 has flexible props that will take more abuse than regular blades.

Really Light

All quads of this size are great for indoor flying, but outside they are easily carried in the wind, so unless it is a calm day, keep it inside.

The E59 is available in both green and red
E59 comes in Christmassy green and red options.

From easy beginner quads to advanced fast racers, Eachine continues to grow as it brings what Xiaomi bring to smartphones, affordable performance.

Give the gift of flight

The E59 on a piece of paper showing dimensions of 6.3 cm

Grab a few Eachine E89’s for your family, and race them around the house this Christmas.

See more of the E59

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