Eachine is getting even smaller again and has released the DustX58 hand sized FPV ready F3 quad. At only 35 grams it is mighty light and unlikely to damage anything in our out of the house.

Eachine Dust X 58 micro fpv quad kit
Everything that is included with the Eachine DustX58

DustX58 Indoor FPV

Going FPV indoors it’s a winner, small light, maneuverable, at this size though there is a reduced wind resistance, and the Dust X58 will drift under a breeze.

Reinforced camera

When going FPV this small weight is a factor, the 720×540 resolution FPV cam is tiny light and when paired with some FPV goggles, you can race around the home.

The race to get smaller

Eachine now seems to be focusing on packing more into a smaller size and providing deeper options for Micro racers. With the palm size Eachine DustX58 you can fly inside with a fully F3 ready quad and not worry about smashing a hole in your wall.

The Price Of Brushless

It is pricier than their brushed tiny whoop style Eachine E010S but does have improved camera protection and higher performance brushless motors.The video antenna is still sticking out the top but soldered directly to the transmitter.

Notably, the use of tiny brushless motors makes it the smallest brushless we have, if you’re not excited about micro brushless, the E010S is larger but more of a bargain.

Like flying outside?

We’re waiting to get our hands on one and test its durability, the frame is carbon, the other micros are dominantly plastic. Carbon is lighter and also won’t bend out of shape, but will crack if crashed hard enough, so the key test will be to see how tough the blade crash frame is.dust x58 eachine fpv quad

The Eachine DustX8 is landing soon, for full details on what’s included, visit the official dustX58 page.

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