If you are planning to buy a high-performance Android Smartphone, have a closer look at Doogee Mix. The Mix boasts a powerful set of features and sits in at the low end of the price range, great value for your buck. It has just arrived in the office and here is our first review.

First Impression

Doogee Mix Review Cover Photo

One of the last phones we tested was the Bueboo dual, although it is similar in size, the Doogee Mix is noticeably heavier.  With a  metallic frame, larger battery and loaded with top performing hardware, there is a lot packed into the same space.

Top Doogee Mix Features

This is a 5.5 inch smartphone which runs on Android 7.0. It has a generous 6GB RAM and comes with 64GB internal storage.Mediatek Helio P25 processor in the MIX

It is powered by a Mediatek P25 Octa-Core 2.5 GHz processor. This processor was an upgraded version of the P20 and offers enhanced power saving and upgraded camera processing. These core specs synergize into a system ready for gaming and heavy multitasking.

A deeper performance test is planned and will be released soon.

Dual Camera

Dual cameras of the Doogee mix
THe dual cameras and the LED flash.

Dual cameras give you the ability to focus digitally, almost like an SLR. When you go into the “blur” mode in the camera you can adjust the focus point and apply a lens blur. They can also be combined to enhance low light performance.

Front Bottom Camera

Doogee Mix Front camera and finger print sensor
Most other handsets place the front camera on the top, but the Doogee Mix have placed it on the bottom right edge.

Other Notable Specifications

  • 4G
  • 3,380 mAh battery
  • Hybrid dual SIM/micro SD
  • Fingerprint locking

Only 720P?

Many other handsets are opting for full HD, although this sounds much better, it actually is not. Unless you are going for VR, your eyes can not tell the difference at a regular distance. The extra resolution comes at the cost of more processing and therefore more power consumption. 720 still gives you retina level display and reduces loading on graphics.


Technical Specifications

Doogee Mix side buttons
The volume and power button are on the right side.
Doogee Mix back cover
Doogee is printed across the flat smooth back.

The Mix 5.5 inch weighs 193 grams. Has a sleek dimension of 144 x 76.2 x 8 mm and is available in jet black, blue and turquoise.

Doogee Mix USB micro ports

Where many are now adopting Type C, the Mix has the widely popular standard Micro USB port. Type C is just the connection so it’s not the latest but it has a positive, you can keep using the same cables you already have.

What’s included

Accessories for the Doogee Mix

In the box, you get the standard accessories plus a case. The Doogee Mix Fast Charger is a 3A 5V charger and will fast charge the Mix.


The Doogee Mix offers a robust set of features that will keep all your apps smooth and provides enough juice for even a day of heavy use. With dual cameras and fingerprint touch button, it also is offering the latest in mobile features.

The Doogee Mix has been very popular, with record pre-sales. It sits at the low end of the price range and offers mid-range specs, if you are looking for a well-performing machine on a budget, see the full details and latest price.

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Jiří Doubravský
Jiří Doubravský

Why DOOGEE MIX is not able to make slow-motion (high FPS) videos ? Competititing MAZE ALPHA (same hardware, same chipset, same camera) can do it (up to 60FPS) :-/


Im not sure, seems they are trying to focus on dual lens effects. If the hardware is all the same, then it is possible a future Firmware update could introduce this, however they have not indicated this is planed.