The Doogee Mix was one of the most popular phones of last year and they are kicking 2018 off by launching the BL12000, it’s the world’s first 12,000 mAh battery smartphone.

If you’re annoyed with phones that last only a day or two, with the BL12000 you will get more than a few days of full-time use on a single charge.

How big is the battery?

Doogee combined two 6Ah batteries to give a total of 12Ah of power. This is basically the same as an average medium-sized powerbank and more than 4 times the average size of most phone batteries.

How long does the BL12000 last?

Doogee rated the battery capable of powering the smartphone for about 3 days of constant calling, and a whole 24 hours of gaming. If you’re only lightly using it the standby time is a whopping 40 days. This is Doogee’s third generation of the BL range, their previous models were 5000mah and 7000mAh.

Do I need a large battery phone?

A big battery is awesome, you don’t need to charge so often and can likely make a whole trip around the world without needing to charge it. The downside tho is the size, it is about 30% thicker and weighs about 40% more than the average phone. The decision then becomes one of size vs battery life.

  • If you have regular access to your charger in the office and home, then you might be better off with a lighter slimmer handset. You can always keep a powerbank handy for those emergencies when your phone dies.
  • If you are busy and regularly get a flat, or don’t have easy access to power, then this is probably the best phone for the job. You will get 4 or more times the mileage per charge compared to a regular smartphone.

Dual front and rear cameras

The common trend last year was dual cameras, they give you the blurring effect and also more zooming capability. Now, dual cameras on the front give you those extra shooting options when you’re in selfie mode.

Other notable features

Aside from that battery, the world’s largest battery smartphone has a mid-range performance. Unless you are gaming, the BL12000 offers more than enough power.  It’s large ram and processor provide more than enough to keep your social, work and entertainment apps running smoothly together.

Key Specs

  • Loaded with the latest P23 octa-core from MediaTek.
  • 6GB Ram for heavy multitasking and larger games.
  • It charges very rapidly with a 12V/3A charger.
  • A slim bezel HD display

Overall if you’re someone who loves battery life over compact and light, you’ll love the Doogee BL12000.  See more of the Doogee BL12000

Love the design but don’t need the big battery? Check out the Doogee MIX2.

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