Have you just grabbed an Amazon Echo or Dot and begun to discover the convenience of smart living? Alexa is a great voice assistant but the true power comes with connecting other devices. The popular first step is to automate your lighting, however, the costs of kitting out your home quickly ads up.

Are Expensive Smart Bulbs Worth It?

Big brand bulbs have great apps, and some even their own smart control hubs, which are great when operating within their App, but when linked to Alexa you don’t need to use their app anymore.

Why pay for software you don’t end up using?

All Alexa needs is a smart bulb that it can connect to, there is no advantage in having a bulb with its own fully developed software control.

Affordable Echo and Dot Compatible Colour WiFi Bulbs

Bulbs that work with Echo are available at a fraction of the price, and if you want smart lights in your whole house, you can save $100’s.

One of our top selling bulbs is the Arilux 8W bulb. It offers all the functionality of the Philips hue and at around ten dollars, it is unbeatable value. Simply connect it to your Echo and let Alexa control your lights.



Alexa Strip Light Control.

Many controllers from China are based on the magic home app, Alexa also now supports this connection and can link to your bulbs and strips. Some of these controllers are less than $5 and will offer you full control of your lighting.

Check our full range of Arilux Amazon Alexa Echo compatible light controllers.

Need help connecting Alexa to Magic Home?

We have a guide on setting up the Magic Home to work with Alexa.

Don’t have Alexa but looking to smarten?

There are other options available they are not voice controlled but still have automation and are easy to set up. Standalone devices like the BlackBean can smarten any device that uses a remote in your home.

2017 is the year for VR and smart home, if you are looking to take steps into the world automation then dive into our smart home section for a taste of bargain home automation.

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