If you’ve seen other Digoo products you’ll know they are all on the bargain end, and offer the best value for the market. Launching at only $29.99 the DG-UFC is set to continue that legacy.

Key UFC features

Ultra wide angledigoo ufc with app

Even wider than the human eye, the 180 degree lens capture everything in front of the cam. You can see the whole room from one camera with the UFC.

Night Vision

night vision activated Digoo UFC

The auto IR LED light’s trigger to give clarity in the dark, these provide around 10 meters of visibility even in complete darkness.


This is a type of video format that is much more compressed and retains more details than the older H standard, this means your connection will be smoother as you will not need so much data speed to watch the HD stream. Our testing experienced around 65 KB per second average when streaming HD onto our phone.

Quality audio

The microphone has been improved from the M1Q and other Digoo cameras to enhance clarity. With an intercom built in, you can listen and also send your voice to the camera.

Full HD

The other huge upgrade to this is the increase to full HD, it is the first Digoo to have full HD resolution. Having a wide angle lens means you are covering more area, so having full HD gives you more clarity if you need to focus on one area of the video stream.

Using the app

Digoo Apps
There are a few apps from Digoo, the DG-UFC camera uses the DigooCam app.

By downloading the Digoo Cam app you can control the camera, with this app you have access to the basic camera controls and also some advanced settings.

The home screen of the app show all connected cameras.

Aside from the direct video quality settings, you can set up motion triggers, email alerts, share the camera with others and there is even the option of making a tone when the camera is activated.

The DG-UFC firmware update is accessible from the app, if any are available in the future you will be able to update directly within the app.


The MQ1 and UFC side by side.
The rear of the UFC showing the mounting slot, reset button and USB connection.
A micro SD card can be used to store footage.

Similar to the M1Q it is wall mounted and can be easily attached with a pin or screw. Power is via a regular Android charging cable and USB charger. You’ll either need a longer USB cable to DIY your own cable for longer power runs.

If you are looking for 180-degree wide surveillance of an area the UFC is crisp and packs a mighty Digoo price. Go UCF now.

If you have any questions or want us to test something, let me know.

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Marcus Vanderbilt
Marcus Vanderbilt

So is it wireless or requires the usb plug?


You need to power it with USB but the camera is connected via WiFi to your router. If you wanted to you could power the UFC on a powerbank, if you wanted a fully portable setup.