Offering full rotation, night vision and smart app control, the M1X is a well-rounded indoor security camera. Upgraded from the M1, the M1X now offers an interference free wired LAN port.

Operating the M1X App

The M1X uses the Digoo Eye application.

You have full control of the camera from the app and can move it in real time. With a fully rotatable head you don’t need to plan the placement of the camera as if the focus changes you can also move the camera.

The directions can even be used diagonally, so you can press up and down simultaneously for an angled camera movement.

The direction controls in the app.

From the outside the only difference in the white versions is the slight bronze accent lines on the base of the cam.

Wired for reliability

With a LAN port on the back you now have the ability to run a long distance without interference that can happen over a WiFi connection. In multiple camera setups this is also essential as a router can become heavily congested if dealing with multiple WiFi cameras simultaneously.

The video streams are in H.264 not the new H.265. H.265 is lighter on the bandwidth so you stream will need more bandwidth. Not a deal breaker, in LAN setups it won’t make a difference, but it could reduce performance in a wireless setup with heavy traffic.

Includes 11 LED’s for night vision, they activate automatically in the dark.

Compared to the original M1

We have a full review of the M1 the M1X predecessor, launched in mid 2016.

Aside from the added LAN connectivity, Digoo has upgraded the sensor from 1/4 to 1/3 and also increased the resolution from 720P to 960P.

Exclusive Launch Price

The M1X is set to launch at the Digoo 4.4 event for only $19.99. Another bargain Digoo.

Want to know more?

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