Digoo has released a new camera that makes home security unbelievably affordable. With WiFi and an app you can setup in a few mins and can even share access with others. We took the Digoo for a test to show you how easy it is to setup and what you really get from this bargain camera.

It Allows You to save recordings to your phone

If you install a memory card, all videos are automatically saved on it’s micro SD card. But there is always a chance someone could take the camera with the card and all your records are gone. With the DG-M1Q, you can download the camera’s recording to your smartphone and ensure any valuable footage is saved to your pocket.

Auto/Manually Operated Infrared Light

The camera automatically activates its night vision when it gets dark, in some lighting conditions you might prefer to manually adjust this to suit the conditions, most cameras we have tried before do not offer a manual selection of night/day vision.

The DigooEye App

using the M1Q Digoo and app

The DigooEye app is the official app for controlling the MQ1 and is available directly on the Google Play Store.

Setup is really simple and the fully English app guides you through connecting to your WiFi.

Digoo has stepped away from their previous app and has loaded more features and a nicer looking UI.

The manual mentions PC control but we could not find any Digoo PC software, based on it’s  ports and protocols it is compatible with a variety of other security systems including Onvif and can be easily integrated with other cameras in a network. Our test was more simple and

Access levels

The Digoo app gives you multiple logins and you can have an admin and guest accounts, guests can view but can not modify or edit any footage or settings.


With a speaker and microphone built in, you can communicate from your phone to the camera and also listen in to anything happening in the area.

Overall Impression

It’s strikingly small, we were expecting something larger, you can easily fit this on any wall space. The round hat shape means you can also cut a circle and mount it through a door, wall or ceiling. Just hung on the wall for an easy fix. It is not vandal proof, instead, it is ideal for indoors and keeping an eye on your home.

The 960p video of the Digoo is crisp for a video stream and more than enough detail for standard security requirements.

Banggood Official Office Of Recruitment
Actual footage in the BG human resource office.

The DG-M1Q brings video streaming to your home. Although it is not the highest spec out there it is by far the cheapest. By offering a solid app and extra connection options, it is a complete package for securing your home.

If you can’t already livestream your home to your phone, welcome to 2017 where you can get a Digoo for just a few dollars.

Learn more about the $13.99 Digoo M1Q now.

  • nir

    Works with a rechargeable battery?
    we can permanently in the mains?
    please answer to me fast

    • Johnathon Rhodes

      have to connect by mini usb direct to a 5v 1ma source can ower from mobile though
      by usb so guessin a rechargable batt would work

      • Right so roughly would use 1000mAh of a powerbank every hour, so you can estimate how much battery you would need for a certain runtime.

    • Mirsad Zilic

      I am try with standard rechargebille “power bank” (USB power) and works fine more than 6 hour … then you need recharge battery

  • Dale Haines

    So far this camera only works with one Android device in my possession as the Digooeye app software only appears to be available for some models of Android phones. It loads and works with my Galaxy S5 NEO but my Galaxy Tab A and older Galaxy phones aren’t even offered the digooeye app from the google play store .
    It was a bugger to get working even with the Neo and, although the quality is pretty damn good, I wouldn’t recommend it . The instructions are pitiful and in horrendous Chinglish. Why some far eastern companies can sort this sort of thing out and others can’t is beyond me.
    I certainly cannot recommend buying this device.

    • Glenn Lushington

      Hi Dale , have you managed to setup the cam with an ios device. I have’nt

    • Johnathon Rhodes

      i was same at start lol had to sod the manual off as was more use as bog paper lol, i turned all 5.8 g wifi off in router and made a guest 2.4g ssid with no sec lo then worked a treat, still cant get the fker to work with browser protocols though

  • Jim

    Has anyone been able to set this up with a PC? I cannot scan QR codes with my laptop.

    • Johnathon Rhodes

      yes i have has to be done with either android or ios app first to bind to wifi then once thats done the windows app will find it

      • Johnathon Rhodes

        also i found was far quicker if u disable network security (i added guest network) and also set all router settings to as basic as poss 802.11 a / b i used only while setting up

        • Jim

          Great! I’ll try it. Thanks for the reply.

      • George Dionas

        Which Windows App finds it. Can you pls tell us?

  • Rob

    How to make the video recording start when motion is detected? None of the settings have made this happen.

    • Kurdi

      Same here, I have not been able to get it to record when motion is detected.

      • Rob

        I have given up on the phone app and now use MotionEye installed on my Raspberry Pi. Very configurable with features including the ability to mask areas where motion is not detected.

  • philmik

    How to get connected via mobile internet 4G? It works for me only on Wi-Fi.

    • What happens when you try to access it over 4G? Does it try to connect or just says offline?

      • philmik

        It says loading – than Network connection timed out. But arming the alarm does make a sound over 4G. I also found out today that any Wi-Fi connects well, not only the same network Wi-Fi. Please tell me if anyone knows how to fix that. Thanks!

        • That does sound strange and more something in your phone or connection stoping it. Possible, but I have not heard before, your phone provider is blocking this service/port. Do you have another device on another network you could try? More likely is check the internal settings on your phone, the firewall, antivirus or data save function could be blocking the App when you are on 3G to save data.

  • Jonathan

    No way to get an rtsp stream out of it (not even to speak of mjpeg)… I bought 4 of these for nothing, just threw out my money out of the window. The only way you can use it is with a crappy android app, nothing else.
    Want to integrate it in your existing system ? forget it.
    Want to use another app or a computer or whatever ? forget it.

    Do yourself a favour and move along without buying this crap.

    • The Cam is Onvif compatible, and should be accessible even if you put the right info into VLC player on your PC. You need to set the basics up in the phone app first. The connection is encrypted so you need to enter the password when connecting an NVR and some NVR’s will also need to be turned off and then on again after entering the password to receive the feed.
      Let me know some more details where you cant get the connection and i can get support.

      • neoLitic

        Same problem as Jonathan, so can you call us how to configure the cam for Onvif connection from a NVR system like ABUS Security Center?
        I’ve searched with Onvif Device Manager but I’ve got no connection in VLC or other Onvif tools.

        … another question, does someone of you tested the Digoo DG-XME 1080P with the camera? Maybe a better way.

        • Have you set it up using the phone app first, only after that it is properly setup to connect via Onvif? Then it should be discoverable by the NVR.

          • Elvis Lang

            I used Onvif and it discovered the device but I keep getting the NO SIGNAL on live video or video streaming. How can I sort that

          • After finding the cam on the NVR, reboot the NVR and try acees the stream it should work.

  • Ryan Mardon

    I have 3 of these and am very happy with them. I am just wondering if there is an APP/Program that would allow me to stream the 3 feeds simultaneously to iOS (iPad/iPhone/MacBook)?

  • John Sullivan

    Another product form Banggood that has no support. I purchased three of these. One will work on IOS but not on the Digoo PC app. the other two will not even connect on IOS. I am done trying to get support from Bangood so I tried Digoo support. They tell me its a password or connection issue. Funny that it works on IOS but not PC. No one have found a detailed English manual

    • What did we offer in terms of support? If it was an actual faulty item we should have offered a replacement or refund. I don’t think Digoo have a full manual on this camera, only the simplified one in the box.

  • Gil

    Bad product. Can’t connect to the camera via internet or 4G. I must be in the same network to view the feed.
    Onvif is not working.

    • Stream is available at rtsp://admin:20160404@ip-address/onvif1
      If you have changed the default password you need to change the ‘20160404’ above.

      if that dose not work this also works on some setups
      rtsp:// use this and afterwards input Username:admin and password your password. Select UDP . < – Change with your local IP

      • George Dionas

        The DigooEye cam works ok but I want control on my PC not on my android mobile. Can you pls assist?
        rtsp… takes me to RealPlayer and then error and not to Admin/Psswd page like the DigooCam.

      • Áron Tímár

        Dont work this 2 link for me 🙁 but web browser viewing is important for me :/ i have 2 cam ip

  • tricky

    Never hear start config, I hear tones as it tries to connect but always fails

    • If you have already tried pressing the reset button on the back, and cant hear the start config voice then I recommend contacting support as it could be faulty.

      • Serdal Gulhan

        By me it’s the same. After pressing reset I HEAR the voice but it can not get connected.

  • Steve Booth

    What a waste of money and time. Simply not compatible with Android 5. Download the PC software and it comes up password error despite entering the stated default password of 20160404. Utter rubbish. Refund please as it is completely misadvertised.

  • Mihai Albulescu

    I have a problem with my Digo DG-M1Q. When I received the camera with the installed firmware that works very fine, good image, clarity, very very nice. After I saw in digoo aplication from Android a new version of firmware, I updated the camera with version. Now with the new version, the image is very poor, the contrast and luminosity is low, it not a good choice, looks like a very cheap camera. Now I want to downgrade the firmware to the version how I received
    from factory. How is need to proceed? Thank You

    • Tom Freriks

      any news how to go back, this new firmware is worse than the old one

  • George Dionas

    The powerful alarm sounds when sun comes through windows in room with nobody moving in room. Can this be adjusted?

  • Kurdi

    How to make the video recording start when motion is detected?

  • Chris Mendrop

    I can’t get passed the login screen on the Android app. Registration returns “Failed30”.

    • Tami Wethern

      Im also experiencing the error message and have not been abble to register/create account-‘” can anyonee help me?

  • Sandro


    Hello, my Digoo DG-M1Q cam record video on SD card, but I can’t watch any file, because it save as 16.59.47_A.av. There is a program that read this file?

    • Ronnie Li

      I just ask Digoo support team the same question. There answer was that the only app that can play the file is Digooeye. I can play these files with VLC (free video player ) but no sound. They also said they don’t know of any video converter. What a pity for a good camera. Not good enough.

  • Knave_of_Trumps

    The latest ContaCam software supports Digoo IP cameras via rtsp. Contacam will do all the motion detection and file handling itself, on a Windows computer, and it is completely FREE.

  • Sachin Barar

    ITS been more than 14 days its still not get connected …i m trying it via bluestack but not getting connected

  • Hotwire

    Camera fails after a few days of continuous use. As a security camera this is more of a liability than security as you may not get the video you need when you need it.
    Secondly, the IR doesn’t work through a window. If you turn off the IR it comes back on automatically and all the night time images are reflections of the IR LEDs.

  • Xavier Silva

    help with nest cams . also its in Chinese I think. I speak English , and what’s up with the software I downloaded on my Windows and you gave me a virus I had to delete it I tried on my Mac and does work.