Keeping track of the temp, humidity and time with Digoo’s range of new weather stations has never been more affordable. Digoo has launched the C3, C3 and TH2048 and all three offer a slightly different set of features.

Digoo has launched them with a presale price of only $6.99! Within the same price range you won’t find anything coming as close to the Digoo in terms of function and the amount of data shown.

The weather stations

There are 3 key releases and I have briefly covered what is unique about each one.

DG-C2 – Easy to view alarm clock

With a regular LCD screen, the DG-C2 has a wide viewing angle and large display. If using as an alarm clock, the dual alarm system allows you to set one wakeup alarm during the week and a second different time during the weekend.

See more about the C2.

DG-C3 – Nicley rounded weather station.

Has the full spread of functions including a current weather prediction.Although it is self powered, plugging it into a USB power supply will activate the backlight.

The history graph records average temperature over the last 1-12 hours.

See more about the DG-C3.

Digoo DG-TH2048 – Humidity Expert

The TH2048 is focused on humidity. You have a comfort level and even an alarm if humidity gets to high. The alarm is set based on Relative humidity, and you can choose from 60% to 75% as the upper limit.

The Schimmel Gefahr icon seems to be a german word for dangerous black mold. It operates the same as the “mold alert” icon and turns on when humidity is in the range where mould growth occurs.

The timeline records average RH over the last 30-24 hours.

The TH 2048 is available here .

Taking a Xiaomi approach to home products, Digoo has exploded in 2017 with crazily affordable tech from security cameras to smart sockets. They are promising a big launch next month, on 4.4.

Digoo weather stations offer an independent fully standalone setup with long battery life.

Get one today at an exclusive launch price.

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