Congratulations! The Banggood Affiliate Honor Partners


Top 10 Affiliate Honor Partners Of Banggood Summer Prime Sale

1. What is Banggood Summer Sale Affiliate Honor Ranking?

It is a contest among Banggood affiliates to inspire its partners to win more commission. 

When the Summer Prime Sale starts, all affiliates can apply for participation. Once it begins, the rank will work based on Referrer Orders from Jun. 21 16:00 to Jul. 10 16:00. The more orders you refer, the more commissions you can get.

Thousand of affiliates have been joined the the campaign, and the top 10 affiliate partners are showed in the list.

2. What Prizes did they get?

-Top 10 Trophy

-Commission Increasing 

TOP1-3: Commission in August increased by 2%; 

TOP4-TOP10: Commission in August increased by 1%

-Banggood Culture Clothes

-Tier Benefits Protection

3.Partial Picture from Affiliate Partner (Some are shy to share with us)

Turkey Affiliate and His Trophy

Isreal Affiliate and His Trophy

Isreal Affiliate and His Son

Last but not least, thanks for all affiliate’s great support and passion during the Summer sale incentive campaign.

What’s more, Banggood Black Friday Sale Honor Affiliate Campaign is upcoming, we will make another Affiliate Honor Partner List, hope you are all the winners. Please stay tuned.