We’re all going on Holiday this week!

In China, we work throughout Christmas and just have one day off for New Years. But now it is our turn, for the next week we will be on holiday and will be celebrating Chinese new year. We spend time visiting family and as most of us don’t live in the big city, we all go back to our hometowns.

This is great for us at Banggood, but there will be some delays both in customer service and order processing.

Our deals and saving don’t stop.

While we are away we have collected a basket of new year deals and savings that will keep working when we are not.

NO DELAYS!! Banggood USA/EU Warehouse Coupon Deals

Our overseas warehouse does not get a holiday and will process and ship on time, so if you can’t wait, shop locally for the fastest Banggood deals.

Join our Chinese Zodiac Lucky Card Collection Event

This time you need to collect cards and then exchange them for gifts, the game is easy but requires time and repetitively coming back to get more cards. If you can collect all the cards you can then enter the lucky draw for a collection of prizes.

2017 year of the rooster begins on January 28th and we plan to not only give you more bang for your buck but also give you even better service and support.

What do you want to see from us in 2017?

We have just changed the way out of stock products are shown and we’re working on new developments including

  • More multi-language options.
  • A new help center (also multilanguage)
  • A new question and comment system that invites others who have bought the product tho help.
  • We are also planning to give our whole website a new look and design sometime in 2017.

If you have any further things you would like us to work on, drop a comment below.

We hope you enjoy your last week of January and we will all be back on Feb 1.

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