When a typical run-of-the-mill smartphone is not durable enough to withstand your daily routine, you’ll want to turn to a rugged phone that can handle outdoors and without limitation functionality. Blackview has announced a rugged smartphone, the BV9000 Pro.

How tough is it?

1.IP68: Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof

The thing which distinguishes Rugged smartphones from other mobile phones is their ability survive the elements. Rated at IP68, the BV9000 Pro can handle wet, dirty and dusty environments.

2.Corning Gorilla Glass: Outstanding defense performance

Besides the alloy exterior and rubber bumpers, the Corning Gorilla Glass plays a vital role in making it almost unbreakable. Gorilla Glass 5 is not only showing high-resolution images but also available when wet.


Basic specs

9000 pro specs and product photo

  • 18:9 screen
  • 4180mAh battery capacity
  • 6GB RAM + 128 GB ROM

Keeping the balance between the perfect visual experiments and portable size, it’s a rugged phone with a regular sized screen.  The battery is relatively large at 4180mAh which can keep the phone running for 3days by one charging. Moreover, the massive storage is a crucial point for the outdoor workers who need to mark something with their phone.


Designed for using outdoors, BV9000 pro supports GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou. The built-in environment sensors for temperature, motion, and light can also be used with specialized apps to monitor your safety or record metrics on your trip.

BV8000 vs. BV9000 Pro?

The earlier BV8000 was another phone we would recommend, it also has a lot of the same strengths.

BV9000 pro rugged
BV9000 has improved a few key specs.

With the Pro, You get a bigger and higher res screen, doubled storage and dual cameras. Both have the performance to easily handle every app except high-end games.


The BV9000 Pro has impressive specs for its price tag. If you love working outdoors or need something drop proof, Blackview has crafted a top value rugged phone. See more of the BV9000 Pro.

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