If you’re tired of cables that break, BlitzWolfAmpcore Turbo Cables are likely going to be the last cables you ever use, they are robust, durable and built to tow a car!

What is the difference in the BlitzWolf Ampcore And Ampcore Turbo?

Both are built incredibly strong, Turbo brings USB 3 speeds, gold plated connectors, and metal plug casing.

Gold plated connectors

The Ampcore cables are already unbreakable, the turbo range all have been upgraded to gold plated connectors, this eliminates corrosion of the connectors, something you usually don’t need to worry about, as cables really break before the connectors erode. However, given Ampcore wires are built strong, eliminating corrosion from the plugs means you also get long-term performance.

USB 3.0 and 3.1

  • The TC8 is Type-C to Type-C and is an ultrafast USB 3.1-speed data cable.
  • TC9 and TC10 are USB-A to Type C cables and offer USB 3.0 speeds.
  • MF9 and MF10 are Apple lighting cables, they are not gold plated and are regular USB2 speed.

Metal plug casings

The main Ampcore connectors are plastic molded, the Ampcore Turbos, have a plastic core and a metal outer sleeve that provides greater durability.

Blitzwolf Turbo vs Ampcore
BlitzWolf Ampcore turbo (left) and Ampcore (right).

Are my original BlitzWolf Ampcore Cables going to corrode?

Not really, gold plated is expected to last longer than regular cables. However, we are talking about a timeframe of many years, and in humid environments. Provided you look after your cable, regular Ampcore cables should perform excellently over time.

The only reason you might consider changing is if you have a Type-C device and want faster data transfer, then you will benefit from the massive increase in speed from USB2 to USB3.

Can cables get any better than Ampcore?

Strength, check. Reliability, check. The only room for improvement is the looks, the sturdy braided material is likely to fade over time or stain if you spill your coffee on it. Although we don’t know how to overcome that as even regular plastic cables fade or darken over time.

Do you need a cable that lasts a lifetime?

Blitzwolf has a cable for every device, they cost the same as a regular cable but last more than 10X longer.

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