Best RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Keeping Your Notebook Cooling


Whether your laptop is getting too hot when playing games or whether you like to work on your couch, getting one of the best laptop cooling pads can go a long way to boosting performance and even how long your device will last. Plus, it might make working on your laptop just a bit more comfortable, too.

As this year marks Bangood 15th ale anniversary, there will be a lot of amazing offers. It will begin on the 23rd August till the 10th of September. One of the items on offer will be the BlitzWolf BW-HS1 laptop cooling pad. It will retail at a discounted price of 34.99 from the Original price of $53.99. That is one crazy offer!

So, let us take a closer look at this RGB laptop cooling pad.

Ergonomic Design

The BlitzWolf BW-HS1 laptop cooling pad has two folding legs for height adjustments that allow you the perfect angle when you work or play. It is also built with a deflector which is effectively positioned to prevent the laptop from slipping. It has a metal mesh panel at the bottom that provides a lifting mechanism, 5 adjustable support heights for a healthy life. A high-quality silicone grip on the underside of the MacBook cooler surface prevents your laptop from slipping when elevated

It also comes with a detachable phone holder that is put on either side of the pad and gives you hand-free phone flexibility.

Excellent Cooling Function:

The BlitzWolf BW-HS1 laptop cooling pad has 5 large quiet fans, combined with a metal mesh panel; it removes heat from the laptop effectively. It is also suitable for 15.6 to 17.3-inch laptops. Its Four fans are, strong but quiet wind, a scroll key to control speed and brightness: the faster the speed, the brighter the light will be; create a noise-free environment and cool environment.

It also has two USB ports and a switch that turns the fans and lights on and off the excessively attractive dynamic RGB lighting.  The faster the fans will run and the brighter the RGB light will be.

Final word

Any additional cooling the BlitzWolf BW-HS1 laptop cooling pad can deliver will help in the battle against throttling. It could also potentially prolong the longevity of your laptop. That CPU and GPU will last longer if they aren’t being constantly run at overly hot temperatures. The dates to remember are between the 23rd August and 10th September only on Bangood.