Secure your home with Digoo’s best security cameras for under $30

Easily secure your home with Digoo smart internet-connected security cameras. Digoo makes a range of affordable home security gear, from the ultra wide-angle UFC to the rotatable M1.

Why choose Digoo smart home security?

They are easy to set up and you do not need to pay any subscription services. Their latest cameras also are hosted on Amazon Cloud so the video feed is reliable and you can access them from anywhere in the world.

All of the cameras featured have night vision and are operated through the internet app or can be set up with Onvif and integrated into your existing security system.

Full control – Digoo M1

This camera gives you full electric motion, you can navigate around the area from the app with almost 360-degree rotation.

Compact – Digoo M1Q

A small and versatile camera, that also includes an internal speaker and microphone so you can not only see but you can also talk to people near the camera.

Weatherproof – Digoo DG-W30

A heavy duty weatherproof camera for outdoors and harsh environments where a regular camera wouldn’t survive. These cameras are permanently installed and require a power supply.

Digoo K2

Offers a full 360-degree view and has motion tracking so anything moving will be followed across the area. These are ideal for ceiling or shelf mounting to capture a whole room.

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Don’t forget a NVR

If you want to operate off the cloud, an NVR lets you store all footage locally and keep your videos off the internet. If you are going this route, make sure the camera you choose has Onvif or an open protocol.