Action cameras are the best friend of anyone who’s doing extreme sports. They can capture and record a scenery that no other camera can. Their small size, and wide-angle fish-eye lens makes them unique and a must have. They are made to be mounted on your head, car, pet, and in many other objects, so that they can capture the best video even at the most difficult situation.

One of the most popular action cameras is GoPro. But what if you want something cheaper than that? Check out our top three bargain action cameras.

Versatile – Eken H9R

eken h9r

Our most popular cam of last year the EkEN H9R floats around $50 and offers a bargain complete kit including a waterproof remote control. Capable of shooting in 4K and 120FPS at 720P it covers both high res video and fast frame rates.

The App also gives you video feed and full camera controls from your smartphone.

Eken H9R brings you a fully outdoor-ready video with remote control and many mounting options.

Crisp – SJ4000

sj4000 wifi camera

SJ has been making cameras for years and the 4000 is has remained their top seller.

Priced slightly above the Eken, the SJ4000 is only rated to capture HD but has better video quality as it is using Novatek branded components.

Lacking 4K and 120FPS it does have some creative limitations, but if you are just looking for HD quality and a standard camera for easy shooting then this is our pick.

Best of both worlds – GitUp Git 2 Pro

On the higher end,  the Git 2 Pro 2K camera is built using the same quality Novatek components as the SJ4000 but has an upgraded 2K resolution. You can shoot 2K at 60fps and 720P at 120FPS.

Captured video is also processed through image stabilization and GitUp GIT2 PRO includes an external microphone option so you can capture not only great 2K but also great audio.

GitUp also has an extra remote available so you can not only control via your phone but also with a waterproof remote control.

This offers the widest range of options and blends SJ cams quality with Eken’s range of functions.

All these cams have app control, HD res and waterproof cases, the main difference is in the extended list of features. They might not be top of the line GoPro’s but they do capture awesome video and at these prices, you can enjoy your outdoor adventure without worrying about breaking an expensive camera.

For more information have a look at our action camera page.

  • agunrunner

    my XiaoMi Yi sends info to website in china I wonder does it send videos as well,i only noticed as when I went to my internet providers office and it would not let me login as it said we canot connect you from china,another program said it was using half my phones cpu even though my camera was not connected to my phone,,
    if buying an action camera buy one with a screen so you can see whats happening

    • The App is sending info to China? I have not done any port testing, I do know thothe app access a server in China when you look at others videos/the Xiaomi community, it is a chinese based company. Your username and “Yi” membership is also a Chinese server. I think they are pretty legit compared to other brands apps. Did you install it from google play? or directly from another provider? I have not had any issues with their app.

  • Stu

    My only concern with buying from ANY dealers in China or Asia, is the complete lack of honesty regarding specifications. When a HD camera can be no more than something released 15 years ago and something referred to as HD 4K is less than half it’s supposed quality. Let’s face it, these manufacturers are using old technology simply because it’s cheap. Bundle a yesterday’s imaging system into a today’s advertisement and suddenly there’s money to burn.

    How long before China is forced to subscribe to “Truth In Advertising”? The majority of the Western World has used it for years and whilst there will always be those trying to push the boundaries, they eventually get found out.

    Sadly the Chinese Internet is full of these purposeful misleadings. Battery Output, (Mah ratings) Camera resolutions, Transmitter output, or basically any item which sells because of it’s specifications is likely to be misrepresented. It appears complete honesty has no place in The Chinese retail industry or indeed the manufacturing industry. These are the people the Retail side of the equation points to when needing someone to blame. Talk to the Manufacturing boys and you’ll get them pointing at the retailers “They misread out specifications” is their usual cry.

    Do the retailers in China care? Definitely not. Will they change? Definitely not, and why should they when there are millions of us suckers falling for the phoney advertising every day.

    But at least the micro photography is loosing the race, how many times have you purchased something only to find the Advertisement photographer was using Macro lenses. Thankfully that’s one method which appears to dying out, and hey! it’s a start.