What is a convertible laptop?

As a notebook that can serve as both a tablet and a laptop, 2-in-1 laptops incorporate touchscreen tablet with the operating system, powerful processor, and user-friendly accessories. It ‘s portable, and yet, offers the all-in-one experience under the different situation.

Is a convertible laptop suitable for me?

Whether a convertible laptop is right for you will depend on what you’re seeking from the device. Are you in the market for a new laptop but are looking for one that is portable, easy to use, and adaptable to your lifestyle? Or do you simply want to find a device can adapt to different usage scenarios? If any of these apply to you, then a convertible might offer the solution you’re seeking.

Top 2-in-1 laptop around $300-Review of VOYO V3 Pro

Available in Lake blue, silver and pink version, stylish all-metal finish with an aluminum 360° rotation axis linking the screen and keyboard. Measuring in at just 0.6 inches thickness, It feels every bit as comfortable as a tablet as it does as a laptop.

Voyo tablet 2 in 1 laptop
13.3 -Inches VOYO Vbook V3 Pro the is a solid contribution to the 2-in-1 laptop space.

Not only the appearance that is guaranteed to catch you a few jealous stare while working from a coffee shop, with the outstanding configurations, intel Apollo lake processor, 8G original RAM, and 12000mAh is competitive with the Ultrabooks we’re used to seeing these days.

Voyo V3 pro doesn’t have to follow the bezel-less threading, can still provide nice picture performance.

Add an IPS screen with 1920*1080 resolution, and built-in Windows10.1 system with 8GB RAM and 128G SSD capacity, it’s no wonder we’re in love with it. It’s hard to find the tablet with same configuration close to this price. Most of the economically-configured tablet equipped 4G RAM, which is not enough to work requirement.


Finger-Print ID function

Equipped with the Fingerprint recognize section, you can access your computer within 0.5 seconds without any security risks.

Touch Stylus

The touch stylus works smoothly on noting and doodling, though it’s limited to the middling accuracy.

Port setting

2 USB3.0 socket, DC charging socket, SIM card socket, earphone socket and the HDMI socket supporting the external display. Vbook V3pro has the full-featured sockets.You can lock the keyboard by the locking swift when it’s idle.

Nearly the half price of its predecessor VOYO A3 Pro, As it stands, this is one of the best affordable convertible laptops on the market.See the full details of VOYO V3 Pro

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