We at Banggood have been serving the latest gadgets and electronics to the world for over 11 years. We offer the best bang for your buck and here are our top tips for saving and smiling at Banggood.com.

Use Paypal

Feeling nervous to order from an overseas company? We have a great customer service team and a comprehensive return and warranty policy, but having the giant Paypal offering, you protection gives you peace of mind. If you use them to pay for your order, you are covered by our policies and their 180-day buyer protection.

If you are using PayPal for the first time, verify your account to avoid any delays in payment.

Have realistic shipping expectations

Free shipping is great but be sure to check the expected shipping and delivery times, that way you know how long shipping will take before you order. Shipping times are in business days, not consecutive days. If you need something in a hurry, upgrade with one of our express options.

Check for coupons

We have a massive range of new promotions every day, and the coupons page is where you can see all our juicy codes. Some offers are limited by quantity, so we also recommend signing up for our email newsletter so you can be alerted early of any fresh deals.

Use available local warehouses

We have an EU, US, and AU warehouse if you are in any of these regions you can enjoy fast local shipping times. Ordering local cuts shipping from weeks to days, and is a great way to avoid any taxes or tariffs.

Check your local customs rules before ordering

Depending on where you live, you might be charged for importing products. Check this with your local government, so you know what to expect when the order arrives in your country. Low-cost electronics are usually ok, but some expensive gear such as smartphones and tablets are commonly taxed.

Ask product questions

Keen on an item but want to know more before you commit? Post a question about it and someone who has already bought it will help you to answer it.

Make reviews and get some points

Earn points and save even more! Write a review, play some games or place an order. Also, don’t forget you have coupons and can use them to save on your next order!

You can cancel an order yourself

If you have just made an order but want to cancel it, go to the order page and hit cancel order. If you do it before it ships you can cancel it yourself. You can also email us, but there is a high risk that the item will actually ship before our service team has checked the email.

If you are looking to save, order 3 or more

Bulk buy discounts kick in at just 3 quantity, grab an extra few for presents and save.

Contact customer service

If you have any questions or need help, our team are ready to assist you, send us an email, jump on live chat but be sure to check our help center first, as we have a lot of common topics answered there.

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