It has been 11 years since we first opened our doors and we’re inviting everyone to celebrate with us. Our Anniversary, “The Biggest Bang Since The Big Bang” is on the 7th of September. We’re starting off early with the launch of a massive promotion campaign.

Astronomical Savings Before the 11th Anniversary

The Galaxy started heating up on Monday (August 7) with the launch of the official Anniversary schedule and the first stage of deals. The page will guide you through all the intergalactic events, sales, and coupons up for grabs between now and our stellar sale in September. There are events and deals starting every few days so there are great chances of snagging a deal.

Pre Anniversary Competitions and Events

It’s not all about deals, we are planning a stream of events to not only give you the chance to win some great prizes but also give you the opportunity to discover the human side of Banggood…

Explosive Anniversary Sale

We’re bringing another explosion that will be the going twice as hard as last year’s 10th and having a stellar sale. There are some huge savings coming on the 7th to 9th of September, Snapup will be returning and so too will some amazing deals everyone can enjoy. Here some highlights,

  • 11% off sitewide coupon.
  • Snap-up deals.
  • Great savings on all categories.
  • App Exclusive deals
  • Smartphone games you can play to win prizes.

There are heaps more to be announced so check back regularly for updates and the current bargains. We hope you enjoy the month long celebration and thank you for being part of Banggood history.

Join the 11th Anniversary Party Now!

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