Banggood’s 11th Anniversary is on now! It has been 11 years since we first opened our doors and we’ve put on a stellar 72-hour Blitz Sale. A wave of great discounts and unbeatable offers are up for grabs.

The Best Of Over 10,000 Deals

Enter The 72 Hour Blitz Sale

With so many deals on so many pages, you might be feeling overwhelmed, to save time, and to make it easier to navigate, we have nosed out the best deals of the stellar 72-hour Blitz Sale.

Max Savings – Snap Up

New Snap-ups will be released every hour during the stellar Blitz Sale. They are the best deals, but they are the hardest to get.

11% Off Coupon

On the 9th there will be an 11% off coupon for everyone. And for any product not already on discount.

Enter Our Giveaway – Win A Phone

This one’s easy, we are running Anniversary Giveaway here. Enter now for the chance to win the famous Doogee Mix.

10,000+ Deals

It’s a lot to get through, but here are our top pages, open these up and explore from there.

RC Toys & Outdoor Gear

Electronic & Auto Gear

Smart Devices

Want more?

If you want to check everything, we made it easy for you, we have an index that has every page in the celebration.


 How long have you been with us?

We couldn’t have gravitated to this point without you and appreciate your support, we would love to know how long you have been with us.

When did you discover Banggood?

This year
Last Year
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Josh Sliwka
Josh Sliwka

Bangood are so shit I recieved a lizard95 from them and it never worked. whenu plugged the battery in it smoked and never fired up. the after sales was “send it back at your expense and once we get it we will decide whether to refund or replace it”. 8 hours on live chat got me absolutley no where. It was a $36 part and they were willing to let thousands in business go to save $36. TERRIBLE SERVICE

Josh Sliwka
Josh Sliwka