Great news if you are in Australia, we’ve been keeping quiet about it, but over the last few months we have been setting up a warehouse in Australia. You might have already noticed some items with the AU warehouse option, no, it’s not a typo for the EU, it is a local Australian warehouse.

How do I find items in the Banggood AU warehouse?

  • Make sure you are in Australia and have set the location at the top of the page to Australia.
  • If an item is available in the Australian warehouse, you will have the option to select “AU Warehouse” on the product page.
If you see this on the product page, you can get it from the AU warehouse.

There are over 500 items available (as of 14th October), and I have sorted them into groups and created a few pages to showcase them all.

Key highlights

We cant stock everything in the AU, and these first items have been selected carefully based on historical demand, here are a few items that are worth getting locally.

Eachine Quads

There are a few different Eachine quads in the warehouse, including the Wizard, one of the most popular quads of 2017. Flying is exhilarating, but waiting for your package is not. Minimize your waiting and maximise your flying time by grabbing your rotors from the AU!


Creality Printers

For printers and other larger items, you can not only get them quick but also avoid any import tariffs. Avoid being stung with extra import costs, and get it locally.

See all AU warehouse products

Ready to see all we have so far? Click below to visit the dedicated AU warehouse pages.

Smarthome   Electronics   Auto   DIY   RC   Outdoors

The Australian warehouse is a work in progress…

This warehouse is new, and some stock is limited. We hope you take the opportunity to try our fast AU service. If you have already tried it, have questions about it or have an idea on how we can further develop locally, drop a comment and get the discussion started.