Astrolux has a new quad flashlight, the S42 and copper version S42s, upgraded from their original S41 . We received some of the prototypes and share our first impressions of the mini SF42s flashlight.

The S42 – Light and powerful

Astrolux S42 and S42S in hand

Under full brightness, it is rated at 2023lm for the cool white or 1630 with the nicha version.  Packing those 4 LED’s in a tight space cause a lot of heat. When in turbo mode the head can become very hot to the touch within a minute, after a few mins the whole flashlight will be hot to handle. Regular modes cool of fast enough to remain comfortable.

The light spread is wide and ideal for indoors and outdoors at close to mid range distances. At further distances, the light will wash out. For a longer outdoor throw, you would be better with a more spot beam model such as the Astrolux SS.

Astrolux teardown of the S42

The center tubes can be swapped to extend to fit a larger battery.

Built in USB charging

A micro USB port was added to the front for direct flashlight battery charging making it able to be recharged without needing a separate charger.

Tripod or spike mount threadS42 tail thread

The added threaded cap is intended for adding a defense spike or to mount to a tripod. There are 2 sizes of thread, we did not receive a spike, but the official version will include the pointed end.

Soft green button light

Astrolux S42 flashlight

There is an LED inside the power button. The breathing soft green LED indicates when the flashlight is turned off, but the switch is active.

Holding the power down in will completely turn off the flashlight and the green LED will also stop breathing. In this fully off mode, the power button will be deactivated to prevent accidental operation.

Doubles as a charging indicator

When charging it also is used as a battery indicator, flashing green and red to indicate the charging progress.

The UI

Astrolux has included a total of 9 modes, 7 brightness modes, a strobe, and bike flasher mode. The diagram above shows the full UI rotation.

S42 vs S42S

Both have the same specs, just the S42S is the copper version with a multicolor coat tube and top ring.

Astrolux S42S FlashlightAstrolux releases a flashlight a few times per year and this has been the first in 2017. To browse their full line of flashlights go to the Astrolux Brand page.

See the full specs of the S42.

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Edward Lewis

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