Ajazz is a relatively unknown Chinese brand, just as Obins was until the Anne boomed. With both a solid build and full RGB functionality, the first blood is a mechanical built for customization. It has its own flavor with a volume wheel and media buttons on the top right corner.

The Ajazz AK60 control wheel

A60 Ajazz media keys.
Ajazz has a unique control wheel and media shortcut keys.

With the wheel you can control the volume and also the brightness of the keys, you alternate the control with the button next to it.The extra media buttons give you fast access to playback and lighting modes.

The lighting modesRGB rainbow mode on the Ajazz A60

There are a few different options, these can be changed with the lighting button on the board or by using the software on your PC.

Full list of lighting modes

  • Wave
  • Spectrum
  • Reaction
  • Static
  • Breathe
  • Deliver
  • Flowers Blooming
  • Fast and Furious
  • Accumulate
  • Custom Mode

The function layerAjazz function layers

  • The F1-F12 keys have a full line of shortcuts
  • The brightness of the LEDs can also be controlled with the function and up/down button.
  • Volume +/- is shortcutted to the =/- buttons

The switches and capsNKRO Ajazz purple and blue keys.

  • NKRO Blues with a purple spacebar.
  • Side Carved keycaps. From the top it looks bare, but at the right angle, you see the keys.

the extendable feet of a keyboard

The AK60 software

With the software you open up the Firstblood to editing presets, creating your own RGB layout and making macros. The report rate is also adjustable from 125HZ to 1000HZ.

Download the AK60 App

The application for the Ajazz is produced by Acresso Software Inc. The software is fully English and available here.

What’s IncludedAK60 with the GPD win

You get the keyboard and a key puller, the manuals are in Chinese but all you need to do is plug it into your PC and setup the app.

Aside from the wheel and media keys, as a keyboard it is not only for gaming but also increasing your typing speed. The blank tops give a gentler lighting effect but they are smooth and show fingerprints faster than a regular cap.

This is one underrated keyboard with a solid build and unique control options.  It has blue switches, so if you prefer the click it is one to consider.

Learn more about the AJazz AK60

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