During Banggoods 11th Anniversary, there are amazing savings for everyone. Aside from having great deals, you can promote to your audience we will have a few extra goodies for Affiliates only. Here is what you can get during our celebration.

An extra 2% commission.

We’re offering an additional commission during the Big bang celebration between the 7th and 9th of September.

Sales Rank Game

If you are one of the top 30 in terms of sales during the anniversary, you will receive one of 30 cash prizes. Once the event starts, there will be a table that ranks the top 30 total sales Affiliates. Aim for the top 30 and win!

7% off if you reach 30K in sales

If you are one of our larger affiliates, during the anniversary if you clock in over $30,000 USD in sales, you can email affiliates@banggood.com and apply for a 7% off sitewide coupon. This is limited to the first 100 to contact us after reaching the target sales.

For full details and more info on our, Anniversary Program check out the official Affiliates Celebration Page.

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